How To Quick Swap Weapons In Sea of Thieves

How To Quick Swap Weapons In Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, mateys! Welcome to this definitive guide on mastering the art of quick swapping weapons in the thrilling world of Sea of Thieves. Quick swapping is a game-changing skill, an absolute must-have in your arsenal if you’re aiming to climb the ranks of top-notch gunners. Not only will this technique help you become a formidable force, but it will also inject an electrifying layer of excitement into your gaming experience.

Quick Swap Weapons In Sea of Thieves

Now, let’s briefly touch on the standard weapon swap routine. The typical process involves shooting your target, swapping your weapon, and then continuing to play. While this method works, it’s not the most efficient way to handle your weapons. Frankly speaking, the delay in swapping can make the difference between victory and a salty respawn.

With the basics out of the way, we’re ready to delve into the meat of the matter – the quick swap technique. Imagine you’ve just shot your target. You’re going to swap your weapon, but instead of waiting for the complete swap animation, you’ll watch for a specific point in the animation – a slight upward movement of your new weapon.

Once you spot this, immediately move forward (pressing the ‘W’ and ‘Shift’ keys simultaneously). This sequence forms the heart of the quick swap method: shoot, swap, watch, and forward.

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