How to Server Hopping in Sea of Thieves

How to Server Hopping in Sea of Thieves

Venturing across the vast and unpredictable oceans in Sea of Thieves can be a thrilling experience. But sometimes, the thrill may turn into a dread, especially when you’re being relentlessly hunted by Reapers or you’re a Reaper yourself in search of fresh targets.

This is where the ingenious strategy of server hopping comes into play. In this guide, I’ll be unveiling the step-by-step process to effectively server hop in Sea of Thieves, which not only allows you to switch servers seamlessly but also lets you carry over your prized emissary flag.

Server Hopping in Sea of Thieves

Server Hopping in Sea of Thieves

Server hopping in Sea of Thieves begins at any outpost of your choice. Here, you’re required to dive into the Pirates Life Adventures, specifically starting either the first adventure titled “A Pirate’s Life” or the third one known as “Captains of the Damned”. This choice not only sets the stage for server hopping, but it also adds a layer of adventure to the overall process.

Once you’ve kick-started your chosen adventure, it’s time to set sail towards a special area that’s conveniently located near every outpost. While the anticipation of teleportation builds, it’s worth noting that not all your onboard items will make the jump with you. While your treasure will be left behind, your supply crates and whatever’s stashed in your ship’s barrels will accompany you on this journey.

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As you sail towards the green portal, you may have to play a waiting game. If you’re quick on the sail, the portal might not appear immediately. A little patience is required here, as the portal is your gateway to the server hop. This waiting period is accompanied by a slow sailing cutscene, adding more depth to your voyage.

The cutscene isn’t just for your viewing pleasure, it’s an integral part of the server hop in Sea of Thieves. You’ll find your ship sailing slowly, leading up to the point where you can pull out your weapons. This signifies the moment you’ve successfully sailed into the portal, and your server hop journey is about to truly begin.

As soon as you’ve navigated through the portal and are free to sail on, you can proceed to your quest table to cancel the tall tale. This action triggers a rather intriguing sequence where your ship is shown sailing back, and you transition into a brand new server. This smooth transition is the essence of a successful server hop.

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