How To Unstuck Ship in Sea of Thieves

How To Unstuck Ship in Sea of Thieves

Navigating the tumultuous waters in Sea of Thieves can sometimes lead to unfortunate mishaps, such as getting your ship wedged between rocks or sandbanks. Regardless of whether your seafaring vessel is a sloop, a Brigantine, or a galleon, the predicament can be equally frustrating. This guide aims to help mariners find their way out of such situations, detailing comprehensive steps to get an unstuck ship in Sea of Thieves.

Fix Your Ship

In the midst of our maritime misadventures, it is easy to forget the importance of damage control. After all, liberating a ship from its confines is futile if it’s destined to sink moments later. So, the first order of business is to inspect your ship for any breaches. If your ship is battered and bruised, with gaping holes and a water-logged lower deck, start by repairing these injuries. Plug up those holes and bail out the water—your ship needs to be in good shape to withstand the unsticking process.

Unstuck Ship in Sea of Thieves

Unstuck Ship in Sea of Thieves

Once your ship is patched up, the next step involves using some basic sailing mechanics to your advantage. Start by raising all your sails; this will effectively halt any forward momentum. Follow this up by straightening the wheel. If your anchor has been dropped, it’s time to heave it up. With these simple steps, your ship will cease its futile attempts to move forward, and instead, it will naturally attempt to slide off any obstacles impeding its path.

While the previous steps may sound straightforward, they don’t always guarantee success, especially if your ship is wedged in a particularly narrow or awkward spot. But fret not, for there are other methods to get your unstuck ship in Sea of Thieves.

If your ship refuses to budge despite your best efforts, it’s time to reverse out of the predicament. This method involves a lot of patience and a steady hand on the wheel. By gradually alternating between left and right turns, you can slowly but surely steer your ship out of the tight spot. Be prepared for a possible influx of new holes during this process, and remember to fix them promptly.

Utilizing Gunpowder Barrels

If patience is not your strong suit or if you’re simply looking for a more exciting solution, the gunpowder barrel method is just for you. After securing your sails and ensuring your wheel is straight, place a gunpowder barrel at a safe distance from your ship. Detonate it and watch as the ensuing explosion propels your ship out of its unfortunate resting place and back into the open sea.

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