Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide

Sea of Thieves Kraken Guide

Ahoy, fellow seafarers! It’s always a thrilling adventure in the Sea of Thieves, whether you’re embarking on your maiden voyage or you’re an old sea dog. One of the most unpredictable, daunting, and thrilling encounters in this maritime world is none other than the Kraken, a massive, many-tentacled beast that can quickly turn your jolly day into a fight for survival.

This guide aims to equip both new and seasoned players with essential knowledge and strategies to not only survive the Kraken’s assault but also send it back to the depths from whence it came.

How to Find Kraken in Sea of Thieves

How to Find Kraken in Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is a world event in Sea of Thieves that can suddenly and unexpectedly transform a routine voyage into a life-and-death struggle. Unlike other world events, the Kraken can spawn in the open ocean when no other world event is active.

You’ll know the Kraken is upon you when you hear a distinct musical cue and notice the sea around your ship darkening, turning into a thick, inky substance. It’s a dramatic shift in atmosphere that adds a layer of suspense and urgency, not least because your ship will slow down dramatically and sink faster if you’re in this ominous dark water.

Kraken Attacks

Your encounter with the Kraken in Sea of Thieves isn’t just a casual meeting. This colossal creature isn’t shy about expressing its displeasure at your intrusion into its territory. The Kraken has a repertoire of four distinct attacks, each one more terrifying than the last.

The first is a suction-based attack. Here, you’ll see a wind graphic appear on your screen, indicating that the Kraken is about to suck you up into its mouth, potentially causing severe damage or even ending your adventure prematurely. Thankfully, you can counter this by moving below deck or damaging the Kraken’s open mouth with a cannon or gun. An effective quick countermeasure is to move below deck, out of the line of sight of the Kraken’s arm.

The second attack is the slap attack, where one of the Kraken’s tentacles rapidly emerges from the water to slap your ship, causing it to tilt at a 90-degree angle and creating multiple holes. The size of your ship determines the number of holes created.

The last two attacks involve a tentacle wrapping around your ship. This wrap attack halts your ship and inflicts damage to the lower and mid decks. It also releases a poison that can harm you if you get too close. You can counter this attack by targeting the head of the tentacle, which is always within cannon range after the initial wrap.

Strategies for Defeating the Kraken

Your chances of defeating the Kraken depend largely on the size of your ship. If you’re sailing a sloop, you’ll need to destroy two to three tentacles to make the Kraken retreat. For a brigantine, you need to take down five to six tentacles, and for a galleon, it’s seven to eight. Direct hits on the Kraken’s open mouth with your cannons are the most effective, but the number of shots needed varies depending on the ship you’re sailing.

Rewards for Defeating the Kraken

A battle with the Kraken isn’t just about survival. It’s also an opportunity to earn some valuable loot. Defeating the Kraken’s tentacles can yield a wide variety of rewards, from treasure chests and bounty skulls to mermaid gems, ritual skulls, and even tridents. While there are a few items, such as Athena’s items, Siren hearts, and the Box of Wondrous Secrets, that the Kraken doesn’t drop, the potential loot makes engaging the Kraken a rewarding challenge.

Moreover, there are commendations, titles, and items up for grabs when you defeat the Kraken. To see what’s available, just check the shop and your reputation tab. It’s a good motivation to take on the Kraken and adds an additional layer of achievement to your Sea of Thieves experience.

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