Sea of Thieves Megalodons Guide

Sea of Thieves Megalodons Guide

Ahoy, pirates! Are you ready to take on the vicious predators of the Sea of Thieves? Megalodons have been terrorizing the open waters since the Hungering Deep content update in 2018. This in-depth guide will provide you with all the knowledge you need to face these fearsome creatures head-on and claim their valuable treasures. So, prepare your cannons, hoist your sails, and let’s dive into the world of Megalodons!

Summoning and Encountering Megalodon

Originally, pirates could only summon the Hungering One, the Classic Blue Megalodon, by gathering at least five pirates to play Merrick’s Shanty at map coordinate T26. However, since the end of the Hungering Deep update, Megalodons have become a permanent encounter, and now there are five different species to contend with!

Megalodons prefer the open sea and steer clear of islands, so setting sail away from land will increase your chances of encountering one. Be aware that sailing away from an island can cause the same Megalodon to respawn. Each region of the Sea of Thieves map can only spawn one Megalodon at a time, so don’t worry about being ambushed by multiple Megalodons. Keep your ears open for the tense and unique music that plays when a Megalodon spawns nearby.

Types of Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

Types of Megalodon in Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves is now home to five distinct Megalodon species, each with its own unique color pattern:

  • The Hungering One: Blue with green eyes, sometimes sporting a light blue dorsal fin.
  • Crested Queen: Dark purple, featuring a purple dorsal fin and purple eyes.
  • Shadowmaw: Dark gray with a red dorsal fin and orange eyes.
  • Ancient Terror: Yellow, boasting a yellow dorsal fin and yellow eyes.
  • Shrouded Ghost: The rarest of them all, this pale white Megalodon has a peach-colored fin.
  • The Shrouded Ghost is so elusive that an entire limited-time adventure, the Shrouded Deep, took place from April 21st to May 12th, 2022, with pirates searching for this prized Megalodon.

Battle Tactics and Strategies for Megalodons

Battle Tactics and Strategies for Megalodons

When facing a Megalodon, your weapons of choice should be cannons, flintlock pistols, and gunpowder barrels. Keep in mind that the difficulty of the encounter scales with the size of the ship the Megalodon spawns on. It will take approximately 10-13 cannonballs to defeat a Megalodon attacking a Sloop, 15-18 for a Brigantine, and 30-32 for a Galleon.

To protect your ship from the devastating bites of a Megalodon, aim your cannonballs at its open mouth. A well-placed shot can stop its bite attack, preventing the creation of 1-5 holes in your ship’s hull.

Megalodon Treasure and Rewards

All Megalodon species share the same treasure pool, yielding 4-6 pieces of Megalodon meat and 5-12 random treasure items. When you’ve successfully defeated a Megalodon, watch out for sharks that appear near the carcass, as they’ll be attracted to the remains.

While battling Megalodons, you might also find that skeleton ships and land cannons will join the fray, attacking the Megalodons in the process. By defeating these fearsome creatures, you’ll make progress towards completing various commendations associated with Megalodons in Sea of Thieves.

The Journey Towards Megalodon Mastery

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to face these massive predators in Sea of Thieves, it’s time to set sail and prove your mettle. Remember, the open sea is their domain, so keep your wits about you and listen for that ominous music heralding their arrival.

As you master the art of battling Megalodons, you’ll gain valuable rewards and commendations, securing your place among the elite pirates of the Sea of Thieves. So, gather your crew, load up on cannonballs, and embark on an unforgettable adventure against these fearsome foes!

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