Rowboat Guide Sea of Thieves

Rowboat Guide Sea of Thieves

Rowboats in Sea of Thieves serve as a crucial tool in our seafaring arsenal, playing various roles from treasure transport to stealthy exploration. They are scattered across the game’s vast archipelago, often found along the shorelines of islands, patiently waiting for pirates to commandeer them.

Forts, too, with their water features, often house these compact vessels. Discerning pirates may even gauge potential threats by observing the orientation of these small ships. A rowboat facing the ocean is likely spawned naturally, while one facing inland could suggest the presence of tuckers—pirates hidden with the intent of a surprise attack.

Transporting Loot with Rowboats

The utility of rowboats extends beyond mere transportation—they are also invaluable for securing loot, especially during high-stakes ventures like a Fort of Fortune. Strategically loading treasure onto a rowboat offers an extra layer of protection, allowing pirates to avoid catastrophic losses from an unfortunate ship sinking. This is particularly true when dealing with volatile treasures like Athena kegs and black powder kegs, which pose a significant risk when stored on the main ship.

Docking your Rowboat

Docking your Rowboat

Docking your rowboat to your ship is a key skill in Sea of Thieves. For Xbox controllers, the two triggers serve as controls for the right and left oars, while the bumpers act as brakes. PC players can check their settings for keybinds. Once you’ve mastered the controls, simply row up to the stern of your ship, hold the action command, and watch as the rowboat lifts and attaches itself. But beware, fellow pirates, for not only your crew but also other players can detach your rowboat—an unfortunate reality that could lead to swift losses if you’re not vigilant.

Rowboat Chest

Amidst the chaos of sea battles and treasure hunting, it’s easy to overlook the chest aboard your rowboat. This hidden gem often houses resources such as wood, fruit, and potentially even cannons.

Its capacity is akin to a storage crate, offering extra space for supplies that could be crucial in a pinch. That said, remember to stay organized, as a cluttered rowboat chest could lead to unnecessary confusion in high-pressure situations.

Fragility of Rowboats in Sea of Thieves

Though rowboats are a valuable asset, they are not invincible. They can be damaged or destroyed, either by lightning bolts in a storm or by taking the brunt of an attack. Once a rowboat has sustained enough damage, it will disintegrate, leaving you and your loot stranded. From personal experience, I urge caution when storing loot on your rowboat—losing hours of hard-earned treasure to a disintegrated rowboat is a heartbreak no pirate should endure.

Many Faces of Rowboats

Rowboats in Sea of Thieves are a study in versatility. Whether you’re planning to stealthily board an enemy ship or simply transport loot from a vault, a rowboat often proves to be the ideal tool.

My crew and I have developed various strategies around these crafty vessels, from tucking them away for a surprise attack to using them for efficient looting at challenging locations like Crescent Isle. Nevertheless, it’s important to adapt your strategy to the situation at hand and keep your plans flexible.

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