Sea of Thieves Red Ship Cloud

Sea of Thieves Red Ship Cloud

In Sea of Thieves, the eleventh season brings something new to the table, or rather, to the sea. It’s about this Chest of Fortune thing that everyone’s buzzing about. Before, it was just part of different forts, but now, it’s tied up with the Fleet of Fortune.

There’s this big red ship cloud in the Sea of Thieves sky, and that’s your sign. It means the Fleet of Fortune is in town, or in sea, technically. This isn’t your usual skeleton crew mess; it’s a special event marked by that red cloud.

Engaging with the Red Ship Cloud (Skeleton Fleet)

Engaging with the Red Ship Cloud (Skeleton Fleet)

So, you see the red cloud in Sea of Thieves, and you know it’s game time. The Skeleton Fleet under this cloud isn’t just for show. You gotta fight through waves of Skeleton Ships. It’s all about getting to the Skeleton Captain’s ship and taking it down. That’s your ticket to finishing this event. The cool part is the game figures out how big your crew is and what kind of ship you’ve got.

So, if you’re rolling in a Sloop with a small crew, you’re not going to be overwhelmed with too many Skeleton Sloops. And if you’re in a Galleon, expect to face off against tougher Skeleton Galleons. It keeps things fair.

Victory and Rewards

Alright, you’ve battled through, and you’ve sunk the Skeleton Captain’s ship. What’s next? Loot, and lots of it. But the crown jewel of this whole operation is the Chest of Fortune. This isn’t something you can just find lying around or get by jumping on the Skeleton Captain’s ship before it sinks.

And if you’re thinking about starting a Skeleton Fleet through a Raid Voyage, forget about it. That’s a standard Skeleton Fleet World Event. No Chest of Fortune there. This chest is exclusive to the Fleet of Fortune event. It’s the big prize.

Fleet of Fortune’s Unique Challenge

This whole Fleet of Fortune deal in Sea of Thieves isn’t just another day at sea. It’s a unique challenge. The red ship cloud is your starting line, and from there, it’s all about strategy, combat, and a bit of luck. The rewards are worth it, especially that Chest of Fortune. But remember, this event stands out from your regular skeleton ship skirmishes. It’s something special, with its own rules and rewards.

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