Sea of Thieves Skull of Destiny Guide – How To Get and Price

Sea of Thieves Skull of Destiny Guide

Prepare to embark on a daring quest, worthy of the most seasoned Pirate Legends! In Season 9 of Sea of Thieves, a new treasure has emerged from the depths of mystery, the Skull of Destiny. A powerful artifact, the Skull of Destiny brings vibrant hues to your pirate adventures while unlocking unprecedented opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll set sail across the azure waters, revealing how to obtain this coveted relic, its intrinsic connection to the Fort of the Damned, and the price attached to its related voyage. It’s time to weigh anchor and chart our course in the Sea of Thieves Skull of Destiny guide and price rundown.

How to get Skull of Destiny Quest

To tread on the path towards the Skull of Destiny, you must have achieved the illustrious rank of a Pirate Legend or be part of a stalwart crew helmed by one. This requirement serves as a testament to the demanding challenges that lie ahead. Athena’s Fortune Hideout or any captaincy ship’s shipwright, laden with the secrets of pirate lore, offer the coveted Skull of Destiny quest. Be prepared to part with a significant number of doubloons, as this journey commands a steep price.

Skull of Destiny Price

Reserved exclusively for Pirate Legends, this single-chapter voyage propels you faster towards your goal. For a price of 100 Doubloons, available from the Pirate Lord at the Athena’s Fortune Hideout or any Shipwright if you hold captaincy, you can set off on this special journey. The voyage uses the Wayfinder of Legends compass, ever reliable, guiding you to the Skull of Destiny. Following this compass, you’ll navigate the islands, defeat ambush skeletons (optional but thrilling), and dig up your coveted prize, the Skull of Destiny.

Skull of Destiny Quest

Kickstarting the Skull of Destiny quest requires a democratic process among your crew. Gather your comrades around the Captain’s Table, casting your votes to initiate this thrilling journey. Once the majority agrees, a magical Compass springs forth on your quest wheel, your reliable guide across the uncertain sea, pointing towards a nearby island. The Compass, akin to an excited heartbeat, will twitch and spin in circles to mark the spot where the Skull of Destiny waits to be unearthed.

Skull of Destiny Perks

Skull of Destiny Perks

Unearthing the Skull of Destiny on the specified island unlocks a myriad of opportunities. This enchanted skull harbors all the Flames of Fate colors within it, illuminating your voyage with a riot of hues. As a player, I’ve found this feature particularly interesting as it allowed for creative ship decorations. Hold the Skull, press the right trigger, and watch as the colors cycle through your fingers. The transformation it brings to your ship is truly breathtaking, a spectacle that brightens even the darkest corners of the Sea of Thieves.

The Skull of Destiny doesn’t just bedazzle your ship, but also holds the key to the secrets of the dreaded Fort of the Damned. Situated at coordinates l14, this formidable fort requires not one, but three Skulls of Destiny to unveil its mysteries. Inside the fort, you’ll use the Skulls to light torches that represent the Flames of Fate.

The Skull also stands in as a substitute for a ritual skull, initiating the fort. Season 9 has indeed made this process easier. Skeleton enemies now appear in a single color, making the completion of the Fort of the Damned less arduous.

Claiming Achievements with the Skull of Destiny

Embrace the “Hot-Headed” achievement by using the Skull of Destiny to initiate the fort thrice. Remember, this isn’t just about collecting the Skulls; it’s about conquering the seas. Hence, fellow pirates, let’s hoist the sails high with the Skull of Destiny, reaping the rewards of our courage!

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