Sea of Thieves Sloop Guide

Sea of Thieves Sloop Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned marauder or a novice swashbuckler in the vast Sea of Thieves, understanding the mechanics and strategies of the Sloop can be a game-changer. This small but nimble ship is designed to maximize maneuverability and efficiency, accommodating up to two pirates aboard.

For players seeking to improve their skills, solo slooping can be a challenging yet rewarding strategy. This Sea of Thieves Sloop guide provides practical advice on mastering the art of sailing and battling with this unique vessel.

Sloop’s Layout

Sloop's Layout

A critical first step in your journey as a Sloop marauder in Sea of Thieves is getting to grips with the ship’s layout. This vessel’s split-deck design is as straightforward as it is effective. The helm and sail controls are located on the upper deck at the stern, while the Map Table, Voyage Table, and the Weapon and Ammo Chest are neatly tucked away below.

The Sloop’s bow features an upper deck adorned with cannons and cannonball barrels. Descend to the lower deck, and you’ll find a wood barrel, two food barrels, and a stove, perfect for those long voyages. Don’t forget to check out the cozy mattress tucked away for when you need to rest from battling krakens or seeking treasure.

Sloop Mechanics in Combat

When it comes to a brawl in Sea of Thieves, the Sloop may seem less formidable compared to Brigantines and Galleons. However, its smaller size and fewer cannons do not make it any less dangerous in the hands of a skilled pirate. The key to using the Sloop effectively in combat is to utilize its superior maneuverability and consider the positioning and firing placement carefully.

Unlike the larger vessels, the Sloop is designed to take less damage from ram attacks, and instead, it can dish out more damage when ramming. Its resilience is further enhanced by the location of the holes.

Those in the front are below the waterline, reducing the risk of sinking, while those in the rear are just above the waterline, further improving durability. The Sloop’s advantage comes to the fore when sailing into the wind while pursued by larger ships, a testament to its speedy design.

Solo Slooping

Solo Slooping

Solo slooping, the act of managing a Sloop on your own, is a popular Sea of Thieves strategy. The solo player needs to manage all tasks alone, from steering the ship to bucketing water, from manning cannons to repairing holes. It’s a strategy that truly tests and refines your skills.

When it comes to solo slooping, proper organization of the cannon barrels can help you win the day. It’s handy to have chain shots, firebombs, and blunderbombs in the lower barrel, with regular cannonballs stationed in the top barrel for easy access.

In combat, lifting the sail slightly can provide you with extra control during a PvP encounter, allowing you to predict your ship’s movement without needing to steer. An array of tactics, from sword hopping to dodge obstacles to chain-shotting enemy masts, all play a part in your battle plan.

The true Sloop maestro, however, has more than just basics under their belt. Advanced tactics such as the fort maneuver, where you sail towards a fort to retrieve kegs for attacking pursuers, can catch many enemies off guard.

Moreover, you can employ the fort trap strategy, in which you sail an enemy ship to a fort, anchor it near a tower, and blow it up with a keg. These intricate strategies can turn the tide of battle and make the Sloop a vessel to be feared on the Sea of Thieves.

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