Is Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform or Crossplay

Sea of Thieves Cross-Platform or Crossplay

Sea of Thieves, the action-adventure game that has taken the gaming community by storm, has opened up a whole new world of cooperative gameplay. This article delves into the heart of cross-platform play, or ‘crossplay’ as it’s more commonly known, within Sea of Thieves. Primarily, we’ll tackle questions such as whether you can set sail with your friends across different platforms, and how exactly you can make that happen.

Crossplay in Sea of Thieves: PC and Xbox Unite

When it comes to the relationship between the PC Game Pass and Xbox console versions of Sea of Thieves, players can breathe easy. Indeed, the waters here are calm and the skies clear. The game fully supports crossplay between these two platforms. This means that if you’re navigating the high seas on your PC, and your friend is doing the same on their Xbox, you can join forces to form the perfect pirate crew.

The process is quite straightforward. All you need is to be connected as friends through your Xbox profiles. Once this is done, either of you can extend an invite from your respective platforms, whether it’s the Game Pass or Xbox. Thus, the door to thrilling adventures and epic sea battles swings open, bridging the gap between PC and Xbox players in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves on Steam

Sea of Thieves on Steam

However, the crossplay scene in Sea of Thieves gets a bit more intricate when we bring Steam into the picture. The game has only recently made its debut on this platform, but worry not, as this doesn’t make the process any less seamless.

If one of your crewmates is on Steam, they will be prompted to log into their Xbox Live account as soon as they launch the game. This doesn’t come with any extra cost, it’s simply the gateway to the world of Sea of Thieves.

Following this, there’s an option to link the Steam and Xbox accounts. This unique feature integrates the friend lists from both platforms, creating a unified list within the game. Consequently, when you’re ready to invite your friends to join your crew, you’ll see all your comrades from both Xbox and Steam in one place.

Now, this isn’t a one-off trick exclusive to Sea of Thieves. This crossplay mechanism works the same way for any Microsoft game on Steam, truly demonstrating the commitment of Microsoft to a unified gaming experience.

Sea of Thieves and the PlayStation

But what about the popular PlayStation platform? As of now, Sea of Thieves has yet to dock at the PlayStation port. This means that crossplay between Xbox or PC and PlayStation isn’t possible – not yet, at least. While there’s speculation of a future release, nothing is set in stone. The game’s unique and immersive experience is surely a tempting prospect for PlayStation users, and one can only hope that these waters will be charted soon.

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