Where to Get Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels in Sea of Thieves

Where to Get Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels in Sea of Thieves

As a seasoned player of Sea of Thieves, I understand the thrill of navigating treacherous waters, battling rival pirates, and hunting for hidden treasures. One of the most explosive treasures to be found in the game are the Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels. These volatile barrels not only pack a mighty punch, but they also play an integral role in your journey towards riches and reputation. Hence, understanding where and how to get Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels in Sea of Thieves is crucial for any ambitious seafarer.

How to get Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

Skeleton Forts, ominously indicated by skull-shaped clouds on the map, are also a goldmine for these barrels. Navigating the dangers of these forts can be daunting, but the rewards are undoubtedly worth the risks.

Certain specific events, like the Fort of Fortune Vault and Fort of the Damned Raid, are surefire ways to get Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels. Completing the Fort of Fortune Vault guarantees a pair of these explosive barrels, while the Fort of the Damned Raid can net you up to four barrels, making these challenges an enticing prospect for those seeking these barrels.

The world of Sea of Thieves is vast, and there are several scenarios where you might encounter these barrels. For instance, during an Athena’s Fortune Voyage, you may come across Emergent Gunpowder Skeletons carrying them. Similarly, during the last wave of the Fort of the Damned Raid, you might encounter Shadow of Fate Skeletons armed with these barrels.

Sunken Shipwrecks on the seas can sometimes hide these barrels, turning a simple salvage operation into a profitable venture. Additionally, X Marks the Spot Maps received from Emergent Skeleton Captain Skeleton’s Orders Quests can lead you to buried barrels. The time-limited Black Powder Stashes Mercenary Voyages are a guaranteed source of Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels, making them an event worth participating in.

Handling and Utilizing Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

Navigating the seas with a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel is a test of skill. These barrels come with a five-second fuse, which can be extinguished using the secondary use button, making their handling a high-stakes game of hot potato.

The explosive potential of these barrels is not to be underestimated. They pack three times the punch of regular Gunpowder Barrels and have a significantly larger damage radius. From my experience, handling these barrels requires caution, especially when carrying them on a ship, as they will detonate upon collision. However, they can be safely picked up with a Harpoon, even from the hands of Pirates or Skeletons.

Selling Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

Selling Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

The Merchant Alliance Senior Traders at Outposts are always on the lookout for these barrels. Trading them can fetch you Gold, Emissary Value, and Merchant Alliance Reputation. Another potential buyer is the Servant of the Flame at the Reaper’s Hideout, who offers Gold, Emissary Value, and Reaper’s Bones Reputation in exchange. The selling price can range from 2,750 to 15,000 Gold pieces, depending on your Emissary level.

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