Where To Sell Skulls in Sea Of Thieves

Where To Sell Skulls in Sea Of Thieves

The enthralling world of Sea of Thieves offers a myriad of opportunities for the daring pirates among us. Today, we dive into one of the game’s most intriguing aspects – selling skulls. We’ll explore the nitty-gritty of gathering these fascinating artifacts and reveal the best spots to exchange them for bountiful rewards.

In the bustling realm of Sea of Thieves, the Order of Souls stands as the primary destination to trade your hard-earned skulls. Nestled just below the Pirate Emporium, the Order of Souls acts as a contrasting underworld to the bustling commercial hub above. This organization’s existence is your ticket to maximizing profits from your piratical endeavors.

Sell Skulls at Order of Souls

Wandering into the Order of Souls, you will find a mysterious lady ready to hand out quests. These tasks are your ticket to unearthing more skulls, gradually filling up your treasure chest. Stashing skulls inside a chest is not merely for the aesthetic appeal but also for practicality. It’s a clever strategy that saves you time, ensuring seamless transportation of your loot from your ship.

Emissary Flag

There’s more to the Sea of Thieves than meets the eye. An astute pirate will harness the power of the Emissary Flag. If you hoist this flag high during your voyage and gain some levels, you can exchange it for additional loot. Always remember to lower your flag before cashing in to secure that extra treasure. It’s a small detail that can significantly boost your earnings.

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