How to Edit Pre Existing Sims in CAS in Sims 4

How to Edit Pre Existing Sims in CAS in Sims 4

Embarking on a journey in The Sims 4, many avid gamers find themselves desiring to tweak their characters, striving for the utmost perfection or wild creativity. The game generously offers a plethora of customization options, ensuring that every Sim can be as unique as a fingerprint.

Accessing Cheats Console in Sims 4

To commence this transformative journey, players must first unveil the cheats console in Sims 4, a hidden gateway to limitless possibilities. For those navigating the virtual world on a PC, a simple combination of Ctrl+Shift+C reveals this concealed door. Whispering the secret words “testingcheats true” unlocks the enchanted powers, followed by a chant of “cas.fulleditmode” to step into the realm of full edit mode.

For the console comrades wielding a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, a dance of fingers on all bumper buttons reveals the concealed console. A gentle press on X or A summons the keyboard, where the same incantations grant you the master key to editing.

Editing Sims in-game

Editing Sims in-game

Once the gateway is unlocked, the real magic begins. Holding the Shift key and selecting a Sim reveals the coveted ‘Edit in CAS’ option, like finding a hidden treasure map. Alternatively, reflecting on a Mirror and choosing the ‘Change Sim’ option can also guide you to the land of transformation.

Household Management Menu Sims 4

The Household Management menu in Sims 4 serves as the compass for those sailing the seas of Sim customization. It allows for meticulous organization, ensuring every Sim is accounted for. The Manage Households icon and Other Households tab are like two sides of a golden coin, displaying all your created and pre-existing Sims.

Venturing into the Other Households tab is the key to unveiling all pre-existing Sims, like discovering an old, dusty book of spells. Selecting a household and choosing “Edit them in Create a Sim” is the secret passage to editing Sims who are yet to find a home in the game’s vibrant worlds.

Customization Options in Create A Sim

In the land of Create A Sim, the canvas is blank, and the palette is endless. From altering appearances and voices to tweaking walking styles, the creative freedom is boundless. Players can play god, adding or removing members, reshaping aspirations, and altering likes and dislikes like a painter with a brush.

However, every story has its limits. Changing a Sim’s personality traits is the forbidden fruit in this garden of Eden. To taste this fruit, one must start anew, crafting a new character from the ashes of the old.

Additional Tips and Tricks

For those seeking to expand their virtual families, the game offers the quill and parchment to write new stories, allowing the creation of children or pets. If a character does not fit the narrative, they can be erased, like a miswritten sentence, providing a truly tailored gaming experience.

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