How to Get a Birthday Cake in Sims 4

How to Get a Birthday Cake in Sims 4

The Sims 4, like its predecessors, places significant emphasis on the life stages of its virtual inhabitants. Age is more than just a number; it’s an indicator of the different experiences, challenges, and opportunities your Sim might encounter.

This life progression makes birthdays not just symbolic but pivotal in gameplay. Whether it’s transitioning from an infant to a toddler or from an adult to an elder, these moments reshape the dynamics of your Sim household.

In the vast, interactive world of Sims 4, a birthday isn’t just about cake. It’s an event, a memory, a significant moment in your Sim’s life. As the architect of this world, you have the responsibility of ensuring the celebration goes smoothly. This begins with some crucial party planning: who to invite, where to host, what music to play, and of course, securing the all-important birthday cake. The last thing you want is to throw a party and forget that essential item.

Procuring the Birthday Cake: Step-by-Step Guide

Procuring the Birthday Cake Step-by-Step Guide

Using the Buy Mode

The quickest method to get your hands on a birthday cake in Sims 4 is through the “Buy Mode”. To access this:

  • Open your game menu.
  • Navigate to “Buy Mode”.
  • Use the search bar and type in “birthday cake”.
  • Once you’ve located it, make the purchase.

Baking the Cake Yourself

For those who want a touch of authenticity or perhaps want their Sim to improve their cooking skills, baking the cake is an option. To bake a cake:

  • Ensure your Sim has the required ingredients, typically flour, sugar, and eggs.
  • Go to the kitchen and select the oven.
  • Choose the birthday cake recipe.
  • Wait for the baking process to complete. Ensure you don’t let it burn!

Alternative Methods

If you possess the “Get to Work” expansion pack, another avenue opens up for you. Your Sim can visit a bakery and purchase a cake. Alternatively, if you have cultivated strong relationships with other Sims, there’s a chance one of them might surprise you with a cake on your Sim’s birthday.

Customizing the Birthday Cake

While the basic cake serves its purpose, Sims 4 provides players with options to modify its appearance. Depending on the packs and expansions you have, there could be several cake flavors and designs available. These customization options not only add visual appeal but also contribute to the immersive experience of the game.

Is It Possible to Make a Pizza in Sims 4?

In Sims 4, players can indulge in the art of virtual cooking. However, the game doesn’t allow you to make a pizza by default. But fear not, with the get pizza oven in sims 4 mod, you can turn your sim’s kitchen into a pizzeria! Enjoy crafting delicious pizzas and satisfy your sim’s cravings with this fantastic addition to the game.

How to Use the Birthday Cake Effectively

Blowing Out Candles

Once the cake is ready, it’s not time to eat it just yet. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Click on the cake and select the “Add Candles” option.
  • Once candles are added, direct the birthday Sim to “Blow Out Candles”. This action will initiate the age progression.

Celebrating Multiple Birthdays at Once

In situations where more than one Sim is celebrating, it’s possible to share the cake among them. However, after one Sim blows out the candles, you’ll need to add new candles for the next Sim. Each act of blowing out the candles corresponds to a single Sim’s age progression.

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