How to Get Rid of Money in The Sims 4

How to Get Rid of Money in The Sims 4

In the virtual world of The Sims 4, players often find themselves amassing substantial fortunes. Such windfalls, surprisingly, can be a problem. Sometimes, players gather so much in-game currency that it feels like they could virtually buy a country, not once but ten times over.

With vast resources, the gameplay can lose its thrill for some players. An abundance of Simoleons (the game’s currency) might detract from the game’s challenge and make things too comfortable. This can lead to reduced immersion and potentially result in a less satisfying experience.

Get Rid of Money in The Sims 4

In-Game Methods to Get Rid of Money

Purchasing and Destroying Expensive Items: One effective way to minimize your in-game wealth is to splurge on high-priced items, such as the Virtuoso Violin, and then deliberately dispose of them. By continuously buying and destroying such costly items, your Simoleons will diminish rapidly.

Buying Utility Items and Moving into Larger Homes: Upgrading to a more substantial property not only means a pricier initial cost but also results in increased recurring expenses. Larger homes come with heftier electricity and other utility bills, which can efficiently eat into a player’s wealth.

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Renovating Homes and Buying Furniture in Build Mode: The Sims 4 offers a Build Mode where players can revamp their homes or add new furnishings. The amount you can invest here heavily depends on your current household balance, making it an excellent tool for substantial expenses.

Using Cheats to Get Rid of Money

Key Combinations for PC and Consoles: To fiddle with your Simoleons through cheats, start by accessing the cheat console. This can be done by pressing CTRL+Shift+C on a PC or all four shoulder buttons on console platforms like PS4 and Xbox One.

Enabling Cheats with “testingcheats true”: Once the cheat panel is active, type “testingcheats true”. This step is crucial as it activates the cheat mode, letting players make modifications.

  • “money X” to Set Specific Amount: With cheats enabled, players can determine their Sims’ precise financial status. For example, entering “money 0” will render the Sim completely penniless.
  • “rosebud/kaching” for 1,000 Simoleons: Need a small financial boost? The “rosebud” or “kaching” cheat can be used to add a quick 1,000 Simoleons to your funds.
  • “motherload” for 50,000 Simoleons: If 1,000 Simoleons seem too little, the “motherload” cheat can add a substantial 50,000 Simoleons at once.

Consequences and Considerations

Managing Game Experience: Tinkering with in-game wealth, whether by cheats or other methods, changes the gameplay experience. While it can make things more challenging, it’s essential to ensure it doesn’t detract from the fun.

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Repercussions of Running Out of Funds: Depleting your funds can lead to unique in-game challenges. Sims might struggle to pay bills, leading to power cuts or other short-term issues that can be both entertaining and challenging.

Reversibility of Money Adjustments: It’s worth noting that any financial adjustments made, especially through cheats, can be reverted. If players feel they’ve made a mistake or wish to go back to their original state, they can easily do so.

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