How To Have More Than 8 Sims in a Household Sims 4

How To Have More Than 8 Sims in a Household Sims 4

In the popular game The Sims 4, players are initially restricted to creating households with no more than 8 Sims. This built-in limitation exists regardless of your gameplay style or how powerful your computer is. Notably, the game itself does not offer an official method to push past this constraint.

Moreover, players looking to manage larger households should also factor in their PC’s capabilities. A substantially increased number of Sims can indeed demand more from your computer, potentially affecting performance. Therefore, before making any changes, ensure your PC is up to the task, especially if you’re planning to expand significantly beyond the set limit of 8 Sims.

Increasing Maximum Household Size in Sims 4 With Mods

For those unafraid to venture beyond the game’s default settings, several mods have been developed to increase your household’s size in Sims 4. There are three primary mods that have gained popularity in the Sims community for this purpose:

Full House Mod: This mod, specifically designed for Sims enthusiasts wanting bigger households, allows players to increase their household size to a maximum of 24 Sims.

MC Command Center Mod: This is a comprehensive mod that offers numerous functionalities, one of which is the ability to enhance household size. Using this mod, players can push the limit, increasing the household size from the standard 8 Sims to an astonishing 104 Sims.

Larger Sims Households Mod: This mod is perfect for those who want a slight increase without overwhelming their gameplay. Players can choose to adjust the household sizes to 10, 16, or 25 Sims.

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Each mod is compatible only with the PC versions of The Sims 4. Console gamers, unfortunately, will not have these options available for PS4 or Xbox One.

Full House Mod

Full House Mod

To effectively use the Full House Mod, follow these steps:

Installation: Firstly, download the mod. Once done, copy the mod folder and paste it to the specific location where The Sims 4 is installed on your computer.

Activation: Start your game. Within the game’s menu, navigate to “Settings,” and from there, opt for “Other.” Within this section, ensure you select “Script Mods Allowed.”

Utilizing Cheat Codes: Post activation, the mod provides players with the flexibility to create households with up to 24 Sims. For those who want to push past this limit or need specific modifications, there are cheat codes and command lines available. For example:

  • tm.fullhouse “Kenny G” Williams removes the 25 Sims cap.
  • tm.fullhouse allows you to add an extra Sim.
  • tm.deletesim helps in removing a specific Sim.

MC Command Center Mod

MC Command Center Mod Sims 4

The MC Command Center Mod is a powerhouse, providing a range of features beyond just increasing the household size:

  • Installation: Post downloading, you’ll need to extract its files directly to your Sims 4 MODS folder. This folder is usually located at C:[Username]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\MODS.
  • Activation: As with the previous mod, after installation, go to game settings and under “Game Options,” ensure you enable “Script Mods.”
  • Adjusting Household Size: Within the game, head over to the MCCC Settings located in the Gameplay Settings menu. Here, you can manually set your “Maximum Household Size.” However, it’s essential to restart the game after making these changes for them to become effective.
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Larger Sims Households Mod

Larger Sims Households Mod Sims 4

Larger Sims Households Mod provides a more straightforward experience for players:

  • Options to Increase Size: Players can choose to tweak their household sizes to 10, 16, or 25 Sims.
  • Adding Sims: When you have a household of 8 or more Sims and wish to add another, the command to use is “TM.fullhouse.”
  • Removing Sims: If you wish to decrease the number, the command “TM.deletesim” comes in handy.

The standout feature of the Larger Sims Households mod is its ability to let Sims try for babies, even within already expanded households, adding another layer to gameplay dynamics.

Comparing the Three Mods

While all three mods offer the ability to increase Sims 4 household sizes, they each cater to different player needs. The Full House Mod and MCCC mods provide additional commands, enabling a broader range of interactions and functions, allowing for various role-playing scenarios. In contrast, the Larger Sims Households mod offers a simpler, more focused approach for players looking for slight adjustments to their gameplay.

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