How to Move Houses in The Sims 4

How to Move Houses in The Sims 4

Avid gamers of The Sims 4 know that the game offers an immersive experience of life simulation. An essential part of that is the home – a cozy nook for your Sim or a sprawling mansion. But what if the heart (or the Sim) wishes for a change of scenery? Here’s a hands-on guide, from one gamer to another, on how to effectively move houses in The Sims 4.

Different Ways to Move in The Sims 4

In the pixelated world of The Sims 4, the term “moving” can be a tad confusing. So, let’s dive deep:

  • Changing the House’s Location: This doesn’t mean shifting cities but merely placing your house in another part of the town.
  • Repositioning the House: Think of this as adjusting your house’s angle or position within the same plot.
  • Moving the Household: Say goodbye to your old neighbors! This means taking your Sim family to a brand new residence.
  • Moving the House to a Different World: For the adventurous Sim, this entails moving to an entirely new world like Strangerville.

Understanding these distinctions ensures you won’t end up accidentally relocating when all you wanted was to rotate your house a tad!

  • Pre-Move Considerations

Before making the big move, it’s prudent to be aware of a few things:

  • Age Matters: If your household is packed with kids, remember that a teenager or an older Sim must be present to initiate the move.
  • Household Size: Your bustling household can’t exceed eight members, pets included.
  • Safety First: Given the unpredictable nature of games (or life in general), save your current game. It’s a safety net just in case.
  • Money Talks: If you’re tight on Simoleons, remember selling your old furniture could be a way to add some extra cash for the move. Yet, this does mean starting from scratch in your new place.
  • Treasured Items: It’s heartbreaking to lose your Sim’s favorite painting or that painstakingly upgraded gadget. Move these treasures to the Inventory in Build Mode to ensure they travel with you.

Detailed Steps for Moving Houses

Detailed Steps for Moving Houses

Now, let’s get to the core of it.

Moving the House to a Different Lot:

Start by saving your house. Pop into Build Mode and keep a copy in “My Library”.

  1. Protect the belongings! Shift improved or created items into the individual Sims’ inventory or the common household inventory.
  2. Hop over to “Manage World”, choose your desired new lot, and start building. The lot size is crucial; ensure it matches or surpasses your old house’s dimensions.
  3. Open the Gallery, pick your saved house from the “My Library” section, and then plop it down on the new lot.
  4. Your Sims need to relocate now. Use the “Manage World” option, click on your old household, choose the “Move out Household” option, and voilà! They’re in the new house.
  5. A little choice for you: do you want the old furniture in the new house or not? Decide and avoid unnecessary duplications.
  6. Finally, bring out the belongings from the inventory and set them up.

Moving the Household:

Option 1: Dive into the “Manage Worlds” from the Options Menu. Click on your household, select “Move out Household”, and pick your new dream home.

Option 2: Let your Sim take charge! On any Sim’s phone, go to the “Move Household” in the second tab (look for the car icon). Check out the map, select your new abode, and click the moving truck.

A tiny note: Moving isn’t always free. Depending on whether your new place is occupied, you might have to splurge or make some difficult decisions – like evicting a current resident or combining households.

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