How to Quit Your Job in The Sims 4

How to Quit Your Job in The Sims 4

In the vibrant and dynamic world of The Sims 4, having a job is more than just a routine—it’s a significant path for your Sims to earn simoleons, paving the way for an enhanced lifestyle and opening doors to numerous opportunities. Yet, as essential as they are for sustaining a Sim’s livelihood, there comes a time when every player might contemplate a career shift for their Sim.

The decision to have your Sim quit a job in Sims 4isn’t always an easy one. Maybe your Sim’s workplace vibes don’t resonate with their personality anymore, making them feel out of place and affecting their happiness. Sometimes, the grass seems greener in another profession, making your Sim aspire to explore new career horizons without the baggage of their current job.

Methods to Quit a Job in Sims 4

Through the In-game Phone:

Juggling through your Sim’s daily life is a breeze, especially with their handy in-game phone. When the time comes for a career change:

  • Dive into the phone menu. It’s intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Once inside, spot the briefcase symbol, which is your gateway to the world of work.
  • A simple click and you’ll find the “Quit Job” option waiting for you.
  • A pop-up will challenge your decision. If you’re sure, go ahead and affirm your choice.

Household Computer:

If your Sim is tech-savvy and has a computer at their disposal, the process is just as smooth:

  • Boot up the computer and locate the job options.
  • Much like the phone process, you’ll find the “Quit Job” prompt.
  • Navigate through, and with a click, you can set your Sim free from their current job obligations.

Switching Careers Without Quitting

But what if your Sim is restless and wants to leap into another job immediately? The Sims 4 has got you covered:

  • Head straight to the “Find a Job” option.
  • Your Sim will be presented with a variety of job listings, each promising its unique set of experiences.
  • Choosing one will prompt a confirmation, asking if you’re sure about the switcheroo.
  • If it feels right, seal the deal and watch your Sim embark on a brand-new career path, leaving the old one behind without additional fuss.

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