Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4?

Where Is The Hospital In The Sims 4?

The answer many players of The Sims 4 seek is quite simple. The game’s hospital, known as Willow Creek Hospital, is nestled in the Civic Center neighborhood of Willow Creek. But to truly interact with and experience the hospital in all its detailed glory, there’s more to know, especially concerning how to access it and the features it offers.

Accessing the Hospital

To fully immerse yourself in the hospital setting, it’s crucial to have The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. The base game of The Sims 4 doesn’t allow you to interact with the hospital beyond the classic experience, where your Sims disappear for a brief period, just like their school visits.

This limited interaction changes significantly with the expansion pack, where the hospital experience becomes lively and detailed.

Visiting During Labor: One of the most common times a Sim visits the hospital is during childbirth. With the “Get to Work” expansion pack installed, when a Sim goes into labor, a pop-up menu provides two options. Players can choose between having the baby at home or heading to Willow Creek Hospital.

Should you opt for the hospital, your Sim gets automatically transported to this medical facility. Here, they undergo a unique c-section procedure and, post-delivery, you even get to name your newborn before heading back to your home lot.

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Doctor Career: For players who aspire for their Sim to don the white coat, the hospital’s doors are always open. Sims pursuing the doctor career not only work at Willow Creek Hospital but are also given daily tasks to fulfill.

These tasks are crucial for career advancement and come with a variety of responsibilities. From diagnosis to treatment, the hospital serves as the primary workplace for doctor Sims. Players can accompany their Sims during their work hours, experiencing firsthand the challenges and rewards of being a digital doctor.

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