Capital Clash Event Guide in State of Survival

Capital Clash Event Guide in State of Survival

In the State of Survival, the Capital Clash Event occurs every two weeks after your state’s intel is completed. The alliance will battle for control of Capital. Typically, capital clash events begin on Saturdays.

The capital clash event lasts 12 hours, which is insane considering it used to last 24 hours. It is entirely up to you whether it is worthwhile to participate in this event for the entire 12 hours. The only way to finish a capital clash event faster is to hold the capital for 6 hours without losing it; otherwise, the event will last all 12 hours, and the alliance that managed to hold the capital for the longest will win.

How to Get Ready for a Capital Clash

Capital clash event preparation is one of the most important things you will do, and you will have plenty of time because the event occurs every two weeks.

Your alliance leader and officers will create a plan that will have all the details of how you will approach and fight during the event.

Troops are much slower in the capital area, so you’ll want to teleport closer so your troops can move faster. Capital players who are not close to the rally will have no time to join the rally because troops are much slower. You want the strongest players closest to the capital because they will start to rally, and you don’t want to wait too long for the rally to reach the capital.

Prepare your resources and speedups, use all State of Survival redeem codes as well as upgrade your hospital. You’ll take a lot of damage, and your hospital will quickly fill up. So keep an eye out for it.

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Capital clash event tips

  • Teleport your city to a location near the capital.
  • Get as many points as possible Your point targets should be 6.8 m
  • Be careful how you are teleporting.
  • Keep an eye on your hospital to ensure that it is not full.
  • Use all available buffs, especially those that increase troop size.
  • Make a strategy.
  • Follow orders from your leader and officers.
  • Join rallies and fill up buildings.
  • Do not attack other players’ cities.
  • Use infantry troops and use best State of Survival heroes.
  • Send as many rallies as you possibly can.


What strategy you will employ is determined by a variety of factors, including the strength of your alliance, the number of pay-to-win players, the number of active players, and so on. We will suggest a few strategies, but the final decision will be made by your alliance’s leader and r4 officers.

If you have a powerful alliance with a lot of pay to win, your goal should be to take the main capital as soon as possible and simply defend it, or you can wait one or two hours until other alliances start fighting and start to waste resources. Then you can take a snake and try to seize control of the capital.

If your alliance is decent but not particularly strong, you should concentrate your efforts on capital towers located near the capital. When you occupy the capital tower, you do free damage to capital, which can weaken enemy alliances and troops. You will also receive free points for doing so.

If you are a weak alliance with no chance of cupping capital and capital towers, you should not give up. You can still earn points to get rewards and have fun. If you are a weak alliance, you will send solo marches or rallies on capitals or capital towers to kill enemy troops. The more points you earn, the better the rewards.

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In the end, this is a pay-to-win event, and if you are not in an alliance with a few strong players, you will have no chance to capture the capital. Also, not everyone has 12 hours to play the capital clash event.

Capital clash benefits

The rewards are fantastic and will greatly assist you in building a strong account. The first reward is available when you reach 180k points, and the last reward is available when you reach 6.8m points. You should try your hardest to get 6.8 points because the total rewards are insanely good.

You can earn points by fighting, but the best and most convenient way is to send your troops to rally or reinforce buildings. Attacking solo is usually not worth it because you can lose a lot of troops and the number of points you get isn’t that great.

Can I lose troops during a capital clash?

You will not lose troops if you attack or reinforce capital and capital towers. They will go to your hospital, but if it becomes overcrowded, you will begin to lose them. As a result, always keep an eye on your hospital and heal your troops. You can use a micro healing trick in which you place a small number of troops to heal and alliance members click on a help option, reducing the amount of time required to help your troops. In essence, you will heal your troops instantly. If you attack another player’s city, you may also lose your troops.

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