Capital Honors and State Buffs Guide State of Survival

Capital Honors and State Buffs
Capital Honors and State Buffs

To obtain free buffs from your state, you must first request that your governor activate them. They will give you a nice boost in research, strength building, and overall progress.

Before you begin building or researching something, you must obtain a title and buff. If you receive buffs and titles but have already begun building or researching, the boost from buffs and titles will not be applied. So, always plan ahead of time and request buffs and titles before you begin doing anything.

The governor can activate a wide variety of buffs and titles, which can be time-consuming.

Governor credits are a type of currency that can be used to activate state buffs and governor-specific abilities. Governor credits can only be obtained through the actions of players in your state. They will carry out daily tasks, with credit going to the governor’s mansion.

State buffs

State buffs When a state buff is activated, it affects the entire state. This means that every single player in your state will receive them. Keep in mind that state buffs have a 7-day cooldown and a 24-hour duration when activated.

State Buff Name Buff BonusCost To Activate
Fast Work 10% Building Speed45k Governor Credit

Research Accelerator10% Research Speed 45k Governor Credit
Training Incubator30% Training Speed45k Governor Credit
Troop Treatment50% Healing Speed45k Governor Credit

Capital Honors

Capital Honors are special honors that only one player can get. There are honors that are beneficial to players, such as chief strategies, which increase research by 10%, and there are honors that are detrimental to players, such as donkeys, which reduce your player’s training speed by 25%.#

Capital Honors NameAmount Of Buffs
Governor 5% buff on troop attack
5% troop defense
5% troop health
5% troop lethality
Chief Strategist10.0% Research speed
10.0% Construction Speed
10.0% Training Speed
Mighty Ox80% Resource production
Master Medic5.0k Hospital capacity
100% Healing Speed
War Wolf10% Troop lethality
Iron Fist10% Troop attack
2.5k March capacity
Patriot50% Training speed
+200 Training capacity
Donkey-25% Training speed
-100Training capacity
Chicken- 2% Troops attack
- 1.5k March capacity
Blunt Blade-10% Troop lethality
Sloth-10% Research speed
-10% Building speed
-10% Training speed
Quack-2.5k Hospital capacity
-50% Healing Speed
Worm- 40% Resource production

Capital Clash buffs, honors, and marking

They can be used only if the state wins the capital clash event.

Capital Honors NameAmount Of Buffs
Governor7.5% buff on troop attack
7.5% troop defense
7.5% troop health
7.5% troop lethality
Chief Strategist15.0% Research speed
15.0% Construction Speed
15.0% Training Speed
Mighty Ox120.0% Resource production
Master Medic7.5k Hospital capacity
150.0% Healing Speed
War Wolf15.0% Troop lethality
Iron Fist10% Troop attack
3.75K March capacity
Patriot75.0% Training speed
+300 Training capacity
Donkey-37.50 % Training speed
-150 Training capacity
Chicken- 3.0% Troops attack
- 2.25K March capacity
Blunt Blade-7.50% Troop lethality
Sloth-15.0% Research speed
-15.0% Building speed
-15.0% Training speed
Quack-3.75Hospital capacity
-75.0% Healing Speed
Worm- 60.0% Resource production

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