Farm Account Guide in the State of Survival

Farm Account Guide in the State of Survival

If you spend a lot of time fighting in the State of Survival, you should have a farm account. You will never run out of resources if you have a farm account. The problem with the State of Survival is that you can’t trade resources with other players, so having a farm account is your only option. There is no limit to the number of farm accounts you can have; the only drawback is that managing and creating them can be time-consuming.

How to create Farm Account

How to create Farm Account

It is best to create a farm account as soon as possible so that you will never be without resources, especially at the beginning of the game when you will be constantly spending resources on upgrading, training, and researching.

What’s great about farm accounts is that you don’t have to grow them that much. All you need to do is train some troops, get the best State of Survival heroes for farming, and research some gathering technologies, and you’re ready to go.

Before you create your farm account, you must bind it so that you can do so safely and without losing progress.

To begin, go to your profile and look for the setting option. When you click on it, you’ll be able to see screen character management. You will be able to create a new character there, but you must select the state where your main account is located.

As you can see, you can only have two characters per state: your main account and your farm account. To obtain additional farm accounts, you must change your account’s email address. When you change your email address, you will be able to create two more accounts. Simply repeat the process if you need more farm accounts in the State of Survival. To get fast resources on your farm account you can use the State Of Survival redeem codes.

Just don’t forget to bind your accounts or you’ll lose them.

Farm account resource transfer

We are all aware that there is no option to trade resources in the State of Survival, so you will not be able to trade resources directly from the farm account to your main account. By attacking the farm account, you will take resources from it. It is best to use relocation to get closer to two accounts so you don’t waste too much time marching.

Farm accounts are frequently targeted by other players, so you must be cautious and protect them as much as possible. The best thing you can do is not over-limit the resources that your farm account can protect and if you go over the limit it will encourage enemy players to attack it. It is best to take resources from a farm account on a daily basis, so keep a farm account close to your main city so you can get resources quickly. You can send troops to a blast shelter to protect them.


Farm accounts in the State of Survival are an excellent way to obtain resources quickly. You can have as many farm accounts as you want, but managing them all can be time-consuming. When creating a farm account, don’t forget to bind all of them. Remember to take resources from farm accounts on a daily basis to avoid being attacked and losing resources.

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