Hero leveling and Raking Up Guide in State of Survival

Hero leveling and Raking Up Guide in State of Survival

There are numerous heroes available in State of Survival, and in order to obtain the majority of them, you must first learn how to level and upgrade them. In order to unlock skills, every hero in State of Survival must be leveled and ranked. It can be a lengthy process, and knowing how to do it efficiently is critical to progressing and becoming a powerful player.

Before you begin leveling and upgrading your commander, you should research the best State of Survival heroes to get the most return on investment.

Hero leveling

Leveling up heroes is critical because without them, you will be unable to upgrade your heroes. To level up heroes faster, focus solely on one hero until he reaches a reasonable level.
The hero precinct is one of the most important buildings for leveling up your heroes. 

Heroes that you will use as Instructors in the hero training area must be ones that you can level up quickly, especially their skills. All other heroes you place with instructors will have the same level as you. Essentially, you will have heroes at a high level without having to level them up. They will also gain experience while in the hero training area. Later, you can restart your hero’s experience and invest it back into your instructors.

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Combat Manuals can also be used to level up your heroes. You will get them from a variety of sources, but over time you will amass a large number of them, so don’t worry too much about where you can get them. Simply stay active and complete every single event and game mode available in the State of Survival. Check out the  State Of Survival redeem codes because they may contain combat books.

Ranking Up Heroes

It is critical to have strong heroes in order to have strong heroes. You will use hero fragments to rank up your heroes, and each hero has a different rarity. Each rarity will use a unique set of fragments. The issue with fragments is that they are difficult to obtain and you will require a large number of them. Check out our hero fragment guide to get as many as possible. You will learn everything there is to know about fragments and how to obtain them quickly.

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