How to Spend and get Biocaps Guide State of Survival

How to Spend and get Biocaps Guide State of Survival

In the State of Survival, biocaps are one of the most important types of resources. Biocaps can be used for a variety of purposes in State of Survival, including research , troop training, item purchases, VIP time, and so on.

Biocaps can be used for almost anything in the State of Survival, but they are difficult to obtain. To get the most out of them, you’ll need to know how to get them and how to spend them. There are numerous free ways to obtain biocaps, as well as a pay-to-win method in which you will purchase in-game bundles to obtain biocaps.

How do I get biocaps in the Survival State?

There are numerous activities that will provide you with free biocaps.


biocaps bundle

Bundles are one way to obtain biocaps and other items such as resources and speedups, but they are expensive. There are bundles that only provide biocaps and are not worth purchasing. It is preferable to purchase bundles that provide more value, such as those that include biocaps and other items.


There are a lot of events in State of Survival that will have biocaps as part of rewards. You can check the event tab to see what rewards the event will provide you with. It is beneficial to complete all events in the State of Survival, especially if they contain biocaps. You will require a large number of them.

Bind an account

Binding accounts is essential so that you do not lose your progress, but when you bind your account, you will receive free biocaps, which is fantastic. A binding account can only be used to claim biocaps once.

Complete intel post tasks

There are intel post tasks that will grant you biocaps, but you must complete intel post tasks regardless of whether or not you have biocaps.


An incubator is a structure where you can deposit your biocaps and receive more biocaps after a certain period of time. The growth process is divided into several tiers; the higher the tier, the more biocaps you will receive. It is completely worthwhile to invest your biocaps in the incubator.

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Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are also excellent sources of biocaps. To receive all daily rewards, you must complete a few simple tasks, and once completed, you will be able to open a chest containing biocaps. It will refresh every 24 hours, so you will be able to claim daily rewards on a daily basis.

Gift Codes

biocaps from redeem codes

State of Survival gift codes are an excellent way to obtain free biocasp. When you consider that it only takes 1 minute to claim them, the number of biocaps you will receive from gift codes is impressive. They are both free and risk-free to use. New State of Survival gift codes are typically released when the game reaches a certain goal or when an event occurs. All codes are created by developers.

Alliance crates

Every time a member of your alliance purchases an in-game bundle, the entire alliance receives a crate. That crate can hold a variety of items, but the most important thing is that it can hold biocaps. That is why it is critical to be a part of the alliance that is both pay to win  and active. If you are lucky  You will get a lot of biocaps from alliance crates.

Infected rally

Every time your alliance rallies infected units you will get biocaps and other rewards. So, if you need biocaps, do as much as you can.

Where to spend biocaps

There are numerous locations in the State of Survival where you can spend biocaps, but not all of them provide the best value. As a result, knowing where to spend them is critical.

Settlement Buffs

If you’re a new player, settlement buffs are an excellent way to spend your biocaps. You will use biocaps to activate construction speed or research speed in settlement buffs, which will give you a construction bonus that is important for the speed of your development. If you run out of resources, you can use the gathering buff, which is also a good way to spend your biocaps.


There are numerous events, and spending biocaps on them may be worthwhile. It is worthwhile when there is an event that will grant you legendary hero fragments that are difficult to obtain. Ray’s Place event is one of the best.

Speeding up research and construction

It is not worthwhile to spend your biocapital on research and development. With time, you will be able to upgrade all buildings and conduct research, so it will essentially be a waste of biocaps. If you spend a lot of time in the game, you can spend biocaps on research and building.

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VIP points

One of the most important things you’ll have to do to advance faster is spend biocaps on VIP points. You want to get to VIP LVL 8 as soon as possible so that you can get free legendary hero fragments from the VIP chest every day. You will also receive a free march slot, which will help you in fighting and gathering resources.

VIP time

biocaps for vip time

Once your VIP level has reached a reasonable level, you will need to activate VIP in order to receive buffs and rewards. You will purchase VIP time with biocaps, and it is best to get 30 days of VIP time for 10k biocaps. That will give you the most value.

Chief Gear

In a state of survival, having good chef gear is essential, and you can use biocaps to get better gear. There are daily deals that may include equipment, but they will cost you biocaps. They can provide excellent value, so be sure to check them out. Also, if you are close to upgrading your gear, you can spend money on materials to speed up the process.

Building Queue

Building Queue will provide you with another builder, allowing you to construct two structures at the same time. You can create a queue with biocaps or buy a bundle. It is preferable to buy a bundle, but if you want to play as free to play player, you must spend biocaps. It is completely worth it.


In the State of Survival, there are numerous ways to obtain and spend biocaps. If you are a new player, you should prioritize acquiring as many biocaps as possible because you will need them. It is best to use them to rush VIP levels so you can obtain legendary hero fragments on a daily basis, as they are extremely difficult to obtain. Don’t forget to buy extra builders with biocaps. When you reach the descent  level VIP level, you can spend your biocaps on whatever you want. Overall, be cautious with how you spend your biocaps, as they are rare and expensive.

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