Infected Horde Guide in the State Of Survival

Infected Horde Guide in the State Of Survival

An infected Horde is a fantastic event in the State Of Survival in which a horde of infected units attacks the players’ settlement. Each infected horde you kill will award you individual and alliance points, which will be used to determine what rewards you will receive.

The infected horde event will last 40 minutes and will include 20 waves of infected hordes. There are two methods for activating infected hordes. They can be activated immediately by an alliance leader and officers or they can set an auto timer for when an event should be activated, and when that timer is reached, the game will automatically activate the infected horde.

Typically, the alliance leader or r4 will send a mail containing information about when the event will be activated, or if they set a timer, you will be notified by the game when the infected hoarder will be activated. Infected hordes are not difficult to defeat.

Infected Horde Tips

To begin, you must know exactly when an infected horde event will occur so that you can be online. You want to use the best heroes in the State Of Survival and heal your hospital to capacity.

When you reinforce an alliance member’s city, his points will not be reduced.  What is great is that you will get 50% points and a combined alliance will get 150% of points. This is useful to know if your alliance wants to be first on the leaderboard so that you can earn the most points and prizes. So always reinforce alliance member settlements.  

When an infected horde is activated, an infected horde will attack every city in your alliance. You want to fortify your alliance cities as much as possible, have enough troops inside your city to defeat them, and heal your troops after each attack. Your goal is to accumulate as many points as possible to receive fantastic rewards. If your city fails to defeat all 20 waves, you will have to improve your heroes, technology, and gear.

  • Things that you have to do for infected horde
  • Use war talent tree on your chief
  • Heal all your troops
  • Recall troops from gathering
  • Relocate next to weaker players
  • First, reinforce weaker players
  • Do not use biocaps if you start burning
  • Reinforce alliance members

Infected Horde Strength

With each wave, the strength of the infected horde grows. When compared to previous waves, the last three are significantly more difficult. To defeat the last few waves, you will need to increase the power of your settlement, acquire better troops, technology, and gear. As you can see from the list below, the tier of troops increases with each wave.

Wave NumberAttackerTroops InsidePointsTier
1Lv. 1 Horde3003000II + I
2Lv. 2 Horde5434200II
3Lv. 3 Horde8405400II + III
4Lv. 4 Horde12716600III
5Lv. 5 Horde18957800III
6Lv. 6 Horde25729000III + IV
7Lv. 7 Horde Master365751000III + IV
8Lv. 8 Horde474911400IV
9Lv. 9 Horde588512600IV + V
10Lv. 10 Horde Overlord7323138000IV + V
11Lv. 11 Horde947715000V
12Lv. 12 Horde1214516200V + VI
13Lv. 13 Horde1622317400VI
14Lv. 14 Horde Master2251793000VI
15Lv. 15 Horde3896619800VI+VII
16Lv. 16 Horde6205121000VII+VIII
17Lv. 17 Horde Master89974111000VIII
18Lv. 18 Horde12490823400VIII+IX
19Lv. 19 Horde17360349200IX
20Lv. 20 Horde Overlord241494258000X+IX

Infected Horde Rewards

Infected Horde Rewards are fantastic, and you can earn resources, gear materials, alliance honor, and so on.

You will receive rewards from two sources: alliance rewards and individual rewards. Individual rewards are rewards that you will receive based on the number of points you have earned. Alliance rewards are rewards given to the entire alliance and are based on alliance points and a leaderboard. All alliances in your state are represented on this leaderboard. So, if your alliance wins first place, you will receive the best rewards. If you need to get some resources, speedups, or biocaps fast you can use State of Survival Gift Codes.

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