Influence Trap Guide State of Survival

Influence Trap Guide State of Survival

The influence trap is an event in the State of Survival that requires your alliance to work together to defeat and get rewards. Essentially, your alliance will determine the time and location of the influence trap, and if it is successful, you will be rewarded. You should participate in the Influence trap event as much as possible because it will give you a lot of great stuff for gear or alliance honors that you can spend in alliance shops.

About Influence trap

What you need to know is that if the influencer is defeated before the trap expires, a legion of infected will spawn, allowing you to continue attacking and gaining points.

Only alliance leaders and r4 officers can launch the Influence trap event, but keep in mind that it can be launched every two days. Discuss when and where you will start the Influence trap event so that all of your alliance members can participate and receive rewards.

When the alliance leader of r4 activates a trap, the alliance will have 30 minutes to defeat it, so make sure all players are online and prepared. Remember that there is no limit to the number of rally alliances that can begin and end at the same time.

If a player joins an alliance, he must wait 48 hours before participating in the Influence trap event, so be careful how and when you leave the alliance.

Level and difficulty

The influence trap has six difficulties, each of which has eight levels. If you are a new player or alliance, you should begin with Easter difficulties to test things out and grow your account. If you are an advanced player, you should try some higher difficulties, but you will struggle to complete the last two. For the last 2 difficulties,  You will need players who are spending a lot of money in the game and have all of the best heroes, VIP gear, and so on.

What difficulty you choose is also determined by the activity of your alliance members and how many of them will participate.

Build A Trap Building

You must construct Influence trap buildings in order to activate Influence trap events. To construct it, navigate to alliance territory and select special buildings. You will be able to select and construct Influence traps. It will cost the alliance some resources, but not much.

The location of your Influence trap should be within your alliance territory, away from obstacles such as mountains and rivers. This will allow your alliance members to arrive at the Influence trap event faster and avoid wasting teleports. Also, leave some space around Influence traps for your strongest alliance members to teleport because they will be doing the majority of the work.

The amount of troops sent by your alliance to build Influence traps determines how quickly they will be built. More troops mean it will be built faster.

Time Set

The time when you will attack the Influence trap can be set manually or automatically. Alliance leaders and r4 officers have the ability to select the time of the Influence trap. What is the best time to begin the Influence trap depends on your alliance members, where they are from, and when they are available to play. It is best to schedule your event during a time when the majority of your alliance members can attend.

Damage and rewards

The amount of rewards you will receive from the Influence trap in  The state of survival is determined by how much damage and kills you got, the difficulty and level of the Influence trap, and whether or not your alliance was successful in defeating the trap.

Influence trap rewards include hero materials, alliance honor, and, most importantly, difficult-to-obtain hero fragments.

Donation and energy cells

You should donate energy cells to the Influence trap because it will increase your damage and give you alliance honor, which you can later spend in the alliance shop. In addition, the more damage you do, the better your rewards will be.

Energy cells can be obtained by destroying infected and completing intel.

Tips to defeat Influence trap faster

  • The first and most important step is to expand your account by acquiring better heroes, technology, gear, and VIP status. Make every effort to increase the damage of your troops.
  • Make a plan for when you will hold an Influence trap event and schedule it so that all or most of your alliance members can attend.
  • Join an active alliance with 5 pay-to-win players. They have all the best heroes, gear, technology, and VIP.
  • Make sure that at least half of the infantry troops are inside the rally so that they can withstand the damage.
  • Players who are sending the wrong troops into your rally should be kicked out.
  • Use a war talent tree to help your units.
  • Increase your march capacity.
  • Contribute energy cells to the Influence trap.

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