Kill Event Guide State Of Survival

Kill Event Guide State Of Survival

The state of survival kill event is one of the most intriguing events in the game. During the Kill event (KE), you will battle other players for points. The number of troops you kill determines how many points you receive during the kill event. The more troops you kill, the better your rewards will be.

Many players, especially new players, are afraid of kill events in the state of survival because they can be zeroed easily, so you must be careful during this event.

Kill Event Rewards and Points

The rewards are fantastic, but how many you will receive in the state of survival kill event is determined by your points and the strength of the players you are fighting against. What I mean by that is that you will not be able to get a high position if your server has a lot of pay to win against players who do not have problems with resources and speedups.

If you are a new player you should stay away from the state of survival kill events and save your resources. All you have to do is complete and collect the rewards that aren’t on the leaderboard. There are guaranteed rewards for killing a certain number of enemy troops, so collect them all.

Each tier of troops you kill will award you with a different number of points. Tier 1 will give you 1 point, but tier 10 will give you 13 points. The tier you will attack to gain the most points is determined by the strength of your troops.

Kill Event Tips

  • Improve your defense by upgrading your lookout tower.
  • When attacking an enemy settlement, send a scout to see what kind of units he has and how strong his defense is. Also to see if he has any resources to loot.
  • Change your chief talents to war mode to help your troops. When you are healing, switch back to ECO.
  • Do not rush; the event lasts two days, so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
    During the kill event, do not send your troops to the farm because they will be targeted by other players.
  • Purchase shields for your settlements. This is possible with bio caps or in alliance stores.
    Use a shield especially if you are going away from your phone.
  • Do not attack alliances that are allies of yours.
  • Attack enemy players’ farms for easy points. Farms are typically weak, so you will have no trouble destroying them, and in most cases, you will incur no losses.
  • If you are being attacked and do not have a shield, you can avoid being destroyed by using advanced relocators, sending troops to alliance members or farms so they are not in the city, starting a rally, and sending your troops to blast shelter.

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