How to Increase March Capacity and Slots Guide Survival State

March Capacity and Slots in the Survival State

Increasing March Capacity and Slots in the State of Survival is important for becoming a strong player so you can progress faster. March Capacity is determined by the hero you use, research, and boosts. March Slots are determined by technology and your VIP.

March Capacity

The number of troops that can be used in marches and rallies is referred to as the March Capacity. The more troops you have, the more damage they will cause. Increased march capacity is important when fighting, especially when joining rallies, because you will be able to fill the rally with less heroes inside, allowing you to send more rallies.

Your march capacity will be relatively low at first, but there are ways to drastically increase it. You can increase marching capacity with leveling HQ, research, heroes, marching capacity boost.

Level of your HQ- The first and most important step in increasing march capacity is to increase your HQ levels. The Level of your HQ determines your march capacity, but it is connected to your Command station that determines your rally capacity.

Research- There are researchess in State of Survival that will improve your marching ability. They are located in battle trees and they can increase your marching capacity by 32k. You don’t have to worry too much about research for marching capacity at first, but once you start fighting, you’ll definitely need to unlock it.

Heroes- There are many heroes in the State of Survival, and the level of hero you use will give you more march capacity. A higher-level hero will have more march capacity. So you must focus on one hero at a time so you can get his levels to maximum. There are also heroes who have a skill that increases your marching capacity, so make sure to check out the best heroes in the State of Survival list.

March capacity boosts- There are items that will increase your march capacity. They can boost your march capacity by 6 to 12 percent and last for 2 to 12 hours, depending on the tier of march capacity boost. March capacity boosts cost a lot of biocaps  so only use them when fighting.

March slots

March slots are important in State of Survival because they provide marching capacity. Having more march slots means that you will be able to send more different sets of troops at the same time. You will be able to gather more, start and join more rallies, fight more, and generally progress faster, but the problem with march slots is that they are difficult to obtain. There are only two ways to increase your march slots: through technology and through your VIP levels.

There is a technology that will provide you with a march slot, but you will need to research it. You do not need to rush; simply be patient and active, and it will be researched eventually.

VIP levels are a great way to increase your marching spots, but you will need to invest a significant amount of biocaps to achieve the VIP level that will grant you a marching slot. You will also need to activate VIP levels. Simply play the game and invest your biocaps in the VIP level, and you will eventually reach the VIP level, which will grant you machine slots.

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