State of Survival Tips And Tricks For New Players

State of Survival Tips And Tricks For New Players

For a new player, The State of Survival can be a difficult game with many opportunities for mistakes. As a result, we created tips and tricks that will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. You will also learn the fundamentals of the game. So let’s get started.

Binding account in the State of Survival

When you first start playing, the most important thing you must do is bind accounts in the State of Survival. A lot of people lost their accounts because of this. If your games update, your phone breaks, or you lose your phone, you will not be able to recover your account if you did not bind it to your email. So do it right away so you don’t have to regret it later.

  • To bind an account in the State of Survival, go to the top left corner of your screen and click on your profile.
  • At the bottom of your screen, on the right, click on settings.
  • Select the Account option.
  • Click on bind and then select the bind option you want.
  • To know that your bound account, the bind option will go from green to red and it will change the name from bind to unbind.

Do not use resources that are in your backpack

resources in your backpack

State of Survival is a war game, and your city is likely to be attacked, especially if you are a new player. Your city has a resource protection limit, and if you exceed that limit, players who attack you will be able to loot that resource. So if you use all of your resources from your backpack, you will most likely exceed that limit, and if you are attacked, they will take all of your resources. So be cautious about how you use the resources in your backpack.

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Use State of Survival redeem codes

Use State of Survival redeem codes

There are the numerous State of Survival redeem codes available that can be used to obtain free items. They are released by developers and may contain speedups, bio caps, and resources that will greatly assist you. So go ahead and use them; they’re free and safe.

Be both active and patient.

When you first start playing the State of Survival, you will be at level 1, and it will take a long time to upgrade all of your everything to the maximum level, but it is possible without spending any money. You must be active and patient and you will be able to get all max levels. Also one important thing is to focus on the best State of Survival heroes.

Change your name

Change your name

Changing your name in the State of Survival is important because when players see generic names, they will assume you do not play the game and will attack you right away to take all of your resources. So, as soon as possible, change your name.

To change your name in the State of Survival, click on the profile icon in the upper left corner and then on the pen icon in the upper right corner. You will be able to change your name by clicking on the pen icon. Your name can have 3 to 16 characters, and you will need 400 bio caps or name change items from alliance shops to be able to change your name.

Wrong talents and technology

You should avoid battle technology and war talents if you are a new player. You want to grow as quickly as possible, so concentrate on development, economic technology, and economic talents. Later when you grow your account enough you can start switching your talents and focus more on war technology.

Save your training speedups

There is no point in upgrading from Tier 1 troops to Tier 2 troops if you are a new player. There are ten tiers of troops in total, so you should wait until your tier 9 or tier 10 troops are unlocked. You will train troops normally until then, without using speedups. This is also important when you begin competing in events that require training troops, as upgrading troops will earn you significantly more points.

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Keep yourself safe during a kill event.

If you are a new player, you will be a target during the kill event in the State of Survival. You must defend your city because if it is attacked, you will lose a significant portion of your troops and resources. The best thing you can do is use a shield or send your troops to an alliance member’s city that has shields on or send troops to alliance towers or alliance buildings that have protection on.

Keep an eye out for your hospital.

You must keep an eye on your hospital if you are fighting a lot in the State of Survival. If your hospital becomes overcrowded, your troops will begin to die because there is no more room inside. The best thing that you can do is to heal troops with speedups or you will stop fighting until you heal and make more space inside the hospital.

Find a good alliance

You should have an alliance whether you are a new or experienced player. There are numerous advantages to forming an alliance in the State of Survival. The alliance will provide you with a lot of free items as well as a free boost that will significantly accelerate your progress. In an alliance, you will also find a lot of experienced players who can assist you if you have a problem or need some game information.

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