UFC is Coming to State of Survival With MMA-themed items

UFC is Coming to State of Survival With MMA-themed items

The State of Survival is a free-to-play online survival game in which players construct their own bases from which they can defend themselves from other players and zombies. State Of Survival already had some major collaborations with other companies such as Marvel, when Fun Plus implemented Joker in State Survival. They have now formed a partnership with the UFC, through which players will be able to acquire a great deal of MMA-related items within the game.

It is wonderful that this collaboration between State of Survival and UFC is not some kind of event that tries to sell you in-game items for rally money. You will have the opportunity to earn some incredible free rewards by completing a variety of challenges in State of Survival while the UFC is taking place. During this collaboration, you will have the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards, including Doomsday Octagon Decorations, in-game UFC gloves, free heroes, plasma, and the most valuable reward of all, a free online ticket to the UFC 277 event. You will not be required to pay to watch UFC 277 online if you have this ticket.

 “For several years, the UFC has been closely linked to the world of video games and this collaboration with FunPlus in State of Survival creates another new way to experience MMA content in a totally original virtual setting”, says Nick Smith, Vice President of UFC. “State of Survival is already full of a team of heroes and true fighters, so we’re excited to see how existing and new State of Survival players interact with the UFC themes in-game.”

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