VIP Guide in State of Survival

VIP Guide in State of Survival

VIP in the state of survival has one of the most important roles. It will provide you with numerous benefits and advantages such as stats, hero fragments, speedups, and so on. Every player should prioritize VIP leveling, and you can level state of survival VIP with biocaps, in-game bundles, alliance shop, and daily login.

VIP time and activation

You must use VIP time in order for your VIP levels to function. If you do not use it, you will not receive any stats and will not be able to access VIP shops. To activate VIP in a state of survival, you can use either free VIP time or Bio caps to purchase VIP time. It is best to get 30 days of VIP time for 10k bio caps because it is one of the most affordable options.

If you are a new player, you should start activating your VIP at level 4 because a lower VIP level will not provide you with many benefits. If you are unwilling to spend bio caps on VIP, I recommend that you begin activating your VIP on LVL 7, where you will receive legendary hero fragments every day.

How to Obtain VIP Points

In the state of survival, there aren’t many ways to get VIP points, but you can get them with Daily Login—every day, you’ll be able to claim your free VIP from your daily login. You will accumulate a lot of VIP points over time, but you will need to use other methods to reach the decant level of VIP. The maximum number of VIP points you can earn from a daily login is 500.

In-game bundles- Almost every bundle will grant you VIP points. The amount you will receive is not large, but it will be of great assistance to you. Just be mindful of your spending and look for bundles that offer the best value.

Alliance shop– You can earn VIP points by spending alliance honor in alliance shops. In the alliance tab, you’ll find an alliance shop. It is recommended that you purchase VIP from alliance shops in order to advance to VIP LVL and begin receiving legendary fragments.

Bio Caps- Purchasing bio caps in order to obtain VIP points is costly. You should use your bio caps on VIP until you reach LVL 7, at which point you can use your valuable bio caps on other things.

Redeem Codes- There is a chance that state of survival redeem codes will contain VIP points or bio caps that can be converted to VIP points. Use all of the codes you can; they are all free.


VIP LevelPoints Required

VIP free chest every day

VIP free chest every day

VIP Daily chests are an excellent source of hero fragments and hero badges. You can get it for free every day. As you can see from the table, when you reach VIP LVL 7, you will begin receiving legendary hero fragments. You must reach VIP LVL 7 as soon as possible.

VIP LevelChief EXPEpic Hero FragmentEpic Hero BadgeLegendary Hero FragmentLegendary Hero Badge

VIP benefits

VIP benefits are fantastic, but as you can see, the best VIP benefits, such as troop formation, begin at VIP LVL 7. It may appear impossible to get there, but with time and effort, you will. Simply being active and following all of the steps to earn free VIP points will get you to VIP LVL 7.

Boost/BenefitsVIP 1VIP 2VIP 3VIP 4VIP 5VIP 6VIP 7VIP 8VIP 9VIP 10VIP 11VIP 12
Instant Construction Time1min2min3min4min5min6min7min8min9min10min11min12min
Basic Resource Production0.
Storage Protection200K300K400K500K600K700K800K900K1.0M1.1M
Construction Speed0.
Troop Formations111111
March Slots11111
Troop Defense0.
Troop Attack0.120.140.16
Troop Health0.140.16
Quick Switch TalentActive

VIP Privileges Crates

VIP Privileges Crates

VIP Privileges Crates are available to pay-to-win players and contain two exclusive heroes, Lucky and Ray/Rolex. They can only be obtained through VIP Privileges Crates, and there is no other way to obtain them. You will be able to purchase one VIP Privileges Crate for each VIP level.


VIP Levels in a state of survival are a great way to boost your account but are quite expensive especially if you are free to play player. Just for your daily tasks, focus on reaching VIP level 7 as soon as possible because it will grant you a nice buff and, most importantly, legendary hero fragments. What matters more than VIP status is having the best heroes in a state of survival.

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