The Ant Underground Kingdom Alliance Guide

The Ant Underground Kingdom Alliance Guide

One of the most important aspects of The Ant Underground Kingdom is alliance. Players in an alliance will be able to help and support one another. They will also grow and fight together.

The most important aspect of alliances in The Ant Underground Kingdom is that they provide you with a lot of buffs and free study, which will greatly improve your progress. So make sure to join the alliance as soon as possible. Also, try to join a top alliance on your server because the more active players and spenders in your alliance, the more free items you will receive.

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A salary is a great place in The Ant: Underground Kingdom alliance where you can get some nice rewards on a daily basis. The rewards are random, but they will undoubtedly help you, so make sure you claim them all. The salary of the Alliance is divided into three parts. The first part is active, in which you will complete daily quests and receive rewards for completing them.

The second section is Attendance, in which your entire alliance will receive rewards simply by logging in each day. The more players who log in, the more rewards you’ll receive. The third and final component of the alliance salary is contribution. You will contribute resources to alliance evolution in exchange for alliance contribution points, which are extremely valuable and important.

Alliance gift

Alliance gifts are a way to become a strong player in The Ant: Underground Kingdom. Every time one of your alliance members purchases a bundle, the entire alliance receives a gift box. When you open that box, you will receive excellent rewards that will significantly accelerate your progress in The Ant Underground Kingdom, especially if you are a free-to-play player. That is why it is critical to be a part of a powerful alliance that is willing to spend a lot of money.

The Alliance Store

The alliance store is where you can spend the alliance contribution points you earned by donating to alliance evolution. There are many different items you can buy, but the best option is to get a teleport and a shield to protect your city.

Keep in mind that all items must first be purchased with alliance points by alliance leaders or officers. Then you can use your contribution points to buy the items. To gain alliance points, your alliance will engage in a variety of activities such as resource gathering, resource production, and so on. You will never have an issue with alliance points if your alliance is active.

One of the great things that you can find in the alliance shop is migration tokens that are needed if you plan to migrate on another server. 

Alliance evolution

Alliance evolution is essentially alliance technology that all alliance members will receive. Your strength and progress will be boosted by all alliance evolution bonuses. To research alliance evolution your alliance members must donate resources and for that, you will get alliance contribution points that you can spend in the shop. So make a habit of donating on a daily basis. You can also donate diamonds, but this is not recommended because you can spend them on things that have a much higher value. Alliance evolution is critical, so join active alliances that are constantly donating and researching alliance evolution. 

Leave the alliance

To leave the alliance in The Ant Underground Kingdom, navigate to your alliance and click the Manage section in the top right corner of your screen. You will see the option Quit alliance there. When you press it, you will be able to leave your alliance and join a new one. If the alliance leader wishes to leave, he must first delegate leadership to another member.

Alliance ranks 

There are 5 different alliance ranks in The Ant Underground Kingdom and they are:
R5: Alliance Leader 
R4: Alliance Officers 
R3: Normal Alliance Members 
R2:Normal Alliance Members 
R1:Normal Alliance Members 

Alliance ranks are an excellent way to organize an alliance. R4 officers are typically active players who will assist other players. R3 and R2 are normal active players, while R1 is a new player who is being monitored by alliance officers to see if they will be active and contribute to the alliance.

When it comes to R5 rank, that is an alliance leader who has the ability to kick all members, delete alliances, choose which players will be R4 officers, accept players, and so on.
Officers in the R4 ranks will assist alliance leaders in managing alliances. They have the ability to accept and kick other players, send mail, and so on.

The only way of increasing your alliance rank is to be friendly with your alliance members, assist them, and be active; alliance officers and leaders will eventually upgrade your alliance rank.

Other alliance features

Battle Section: The Ant Underground Kingdom alliance’s first section is the battle option. You will be able to see various battles and rallies taking place in real-time in the battel section. This section is critical if you want to participate in a rally.
Alliance Help: Alliance help is a location where you can assist an alliance member with their research and construction. Also, as you begin to research and build, they will appear here so you can see how much assistance you received. Essentially, the alliance helps reduce the time required to research and build buildings, which is critical if you want to grow quickly.
Alliance mail: A location where you can send mail to alliance members.
Comment Alliance members can post a message that the entire alliance can see.
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