Farm Account Guide The Ants Underground Kingdom

Farm Account Guide The Ants Underground Kingdom

Every single player in The Ants Underground Kingdom should have at least two farm accounts to aid the main account’s growth and development. The only players who do not need farm accounts are players who are spending a lot in the game store.

Many players are curious about The Ants Underground Kingdom farm accounts. Farm accounts in Ants Underground Kingdom are accounts that you will control and use to farm resources and send them to your main account. Every day, you will farm and complete daily quests on farm accounts, accumulating a large amount of resources that you can send to your main account. These resources will be extremely useful when fighting, researching and training on your main account. You will never run out of resources.

How to create farm accounts

The first step before you can begin creating a farm account is to bind your account. This is essential so that you do not lose all of your progress on the main account when you begin creating a farm account. To bind an account, go to your profile and select settings. You will see the account options and should click on it. Now you should be able to bind accounts. This will link your mail to your progress, ensuring that you do not lose progress if you change devices or login to your farm account.

To create a farm account, go to settings and then account. You will now be able to start a new game. A confirmation option will appear, and you will select yes. Your new account will now be created.

A basic tutorial must be completed on a new farm account. You will need to bind an account in order to avoid losing farm account progress. Go to settings, then account, and then bind account. You will not use the same email as your primary account; instead, you will use different email.

Check that your farm account is on the same server as your primary account. If it isn’t, simply use newbie teleport to transfer the farm account to your main account’s server.

How to transfer resources

The only way to transfer resources from the farm account to the main account is to attack it with the main account. But you have to be careful when you are doing this. You don’t want to kill troops on your farm account, so you’ll disable all of your garrison troops. To deactivate the garrison troops, proceed to the entrance building. You will uncheck all troops that are listed to the garrison.

Do not forget to use all The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem codes on your farm account to get additional resources that you can transfer to the main account.

Farm account tips

You do not have to grow your farm account too much. Just make sure you do the basics, such as daily quests, researching farming technology, using ants for gathering, and so on. Transfer resources at least once a week to prevent other players from stealing them. Move your farm account next to your main account to keep it safe.

Make sure to change the name of your farm account to something similar to the name of your main account. This will greatly assist you because other players will be aware that it is your farm account and will avoid it. Also ensures that you join an alliance with a farm account in order to receive bonuses and free rewards. It would be a lot easier to manage farm accounts if you play Ants Underground Kingdom on PC where you can play more accounts at the same time.

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