The Ants Underground Kingdom Queen Upgrade Requirements

The Ants Underground Kingdom Queen Upgrade Requirements

The Queen is the most important building in the ants underground kingdom. It is the center of an anthill, and the level of your anthill will be the same as your queen’s. Queen in the ants underground kingdom can not be moved.

The queen is the source of all paths, and if your other buildings are not connected to the queen, they will be disconnected. That is, when your buildings are disconnected, they will lose some of their functions. As a result, it is critical that you connect all important buildings to the Queen.

Queen is a location where players can view active buffs, change classes, apply skins, activate buffs, switch between layouts, and so on. The Queen will provide you with a variety of services.

Also The higher your Queen’s level, the more space you will have in the anthill. Also, if your anthill is zeroed, your Queen Level will determine how many plants you receive. It will be delivered to you after your Anthill is randomly teleported. You can get additional resources for upgrading queen upgrade requirements by using the ants underground kingdom redeem codes.

Queen Upgrade Requirements

Queen Level MeatPlantFungusWet SoilSandHoneydew TimeRequirements
3100200000050sFeeding Grounds 2
4400760086007002mFeeding Grounds 3
Native Fungus 3
59601K01.4K5001K11,50mFeeding Grounds 4
Worker Ant Nest 4
61.8K6k03.4K1.2K3K35mFeeding Grounds 5
Aphid 5
Entrance 1
78.6K12K4.8K14K10K8.2K1h 30mFeeding Grounds 6
Native Fungus 6
826k26k9.6k52k38k60k3h 7mFeeding Grounds 7
Wet Soil Pile 7
950K48K18K100K76K100K4h 22mFeeding Grounds 8
Cocoon Medium 8
1068k70k28k140k100k180k5h 40mFeeding Grounds 9
Healing Pool 9
1198k98k42k200k140k280k7h 18mFeeding Grounds 10
Wet Soil Pile 10
12160k140k62k300k240k420k9h 20mFeeding Grounds 11
Woodlouse Colony 11
13260k260k94k480k400k600k12h 10mFeeding Grounds 12
Wet Soil Pile 12
14420k400k140k820k580k840k16h 8mFeeding Grounds 13
Shooter Barrack 13
15720k740k200k1M1M1.2M22h 10mFeeding Grounds 14
Aphid 14
161M1M300K2M1.4M1.6M1d 6h Feeding Grounds 15
Alliance Center 15
172M2M480K3M2.4M2.6M1d 20hFeeding Grounds 16
Carrier Ant Barrack 16
184.2M4M680k4.8M4M4.6M2d 7hFeeding Grounds 17
Woodlouse Colony 17
196.8M7.2M1M10M8.2M7.8M3d 6hFeeding Grounds 18
Worker Ants 120k
Leafcutter 18
2012M12M1.4M20M16M12M4d 1hFeeding Grounds 19
Plant Flora 19
2120M18M1.8M36M28M18M6d 18hFeeding Grounds 20
Spring 20
2228M38M2,4M48M32M22M7d 12hFeeding Grounds 21
Aphid 21
Population 210 000
2338m38M3M76M56M26M10dFeeding Grounds 22
Sand Pile 22
2450M50M3.4M98M74M28M15d 6hFeeding Grounds 23
Carrier Ant Barrack 23
2560M60M3.8M120M88M34M19DFeeding Grounds 24
Alliance Center 24

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