the Ants Underground Kingdom Resource Gathering and Production Guide

the Ants Underground Kingdom Resource Gathering and Production Guide

The Ants Underground Kingdom’s resources are extremely valuable. You will use them to train troops, do research, construct and upgrade the queen, and so on. If you want to be a strong player in The Ants Underground Kingdom, you must know how to gather and produce resources.

Water, meat, wet soil, plants, fungus, sand, honeydew, and diamonds are all resources available in The Ants Underground Kingdom. Farming/gathering outside the nest, looting other players, production, and farming with farm accounts are all ways to obtain resources in The Ants Underground Kingdom. You can always use The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem codes to get quick resources.

How to farm/gather resources

You will send you gathering ants that are specifically designed for gathering. However, Your Cultivator research plays the most important role in your gathering speed. You will receive a lot of gathering bonuses and loads from Cultivator. Tier 1 carriers should be used for increased effectiveness due to their march speed and capacity. When it comes to gathering resources, creating farm accounts is the best thing you can do. With farm accounts, you will never run out of resources.

Production Guide

The amount of resources produced by your anthill is determined by the number of production buildings you have and the quality of your Cultivator technology. You want to build and upgrade as many production sites as possible. The same is true for cultivator technology, which will provide you with an additional bonus production speed. Also, don’t forget to connect your production building to your queen for maximum output.

You should definitely upgrade your storeroom if you want to increase the storage of resources.

Looting other players for resources

You will be able to loot the resources of an enemy player when you attack it. This is critical because you will be able to accumulate a large number of them in the short term. If you are a new player, avoid attacking other players. Most of the time, you will lose a battle and troops. If you are an advanced player, you should look for low-level anthills on the map. Low-Level players have the week defense and storage house, so you can get a lot of free resources quickly. When you are attacking other anthill for resources you should use best troops in the Ants Underground Kingdom, that will increase your chance of wining and having less dead troops.

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