The Ants: Underground Kingdom Strongest Warzone Event Guide

The Ants Underground Kingdom Strongest Warzone Event Guide

The strongest Warzone Events in The Ants: Underground Kingdom is where one state will fight another state. During the warzone events, the winner state will be one that collects the most points by completing different challenges. The winning state will receive significant rewards. The Strongest Warzone Event lasts 7 days in The Ants: Underground Kingdom.

This event requires teamwork from all players to earn points from stages like training troops, upgrading buildings or gathering. Each day will bring a new and different challenge for you to complete.

Strongest Warzone Stages

During a warzone event, there are seven distinct stages.

Gathering Resources- Throughout the stage, you will collect as many resources as possible on the map. Remember to use your farm accounts, which will be beneficial to your state.

Upgrading Buildings- This is a great way to get some points quickly, but it is best to start building before entering this stage so you can collect points without spending too many speedups.

Research Evolution- This is similar to building, but it is used to research your technology.

Strengthen Special Ants- In order to earn points in this stage, you must obtain special ants, exchange hero medals for wisdom medals, and level up your special ants.

Hatch Soldier Ants- At this stage, you should train as many soldier ants as possible. Most players get a lot of points here.

Development- During this stage you are able to choose what stage you want to do. This is useful if you have missed some stages and need more points.

Warzone Expedition- This is a stage where you will not be able to earn any points. It is a day off to discuss tactics and plans for the Warzone Expedition that will follow this stage.

How to get more Points

First is that you put research and building before the Strongest Warzone event starts. This way, you won’t have to use as many speedups to finish them. The most power will grant you the Queen and Ants Nests.

Make sure to save all of your speedups and resources, as well as the Eggs you’ll need during the Strengthen Special Ants stage. Open all of your eggs once you reach the Strengthen Special Ants stage.

Simply gathering resources can earn you a lot of points. This will benefit both you and your state.

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