The Ants Underground Kingdom Teleport Guide

The Ants Underground Kingdom Teleport Guide

Knowing how to teleport in an ant’s underground kingdom is essential if you want to be close to members of your alliance or position yourself for a better attack.

There are three types of teleports in Ants’ underground kingdom: advanced teleport, random teleport, and alliance teleport.

Advanced teleport is a type of teleport that allows you to teleport to any location on the map.

Random teleport: random teleport will teleport you to random locations in your region. Be cautious when using random teleport because you may be teleported near an enemy, who may attack you.

Alliance teleport: When you join the alliance, you will receive a free alliance teleport. You can only teleport to alliance territory with alliance teleport. So make sure to use it so you can be close to your alliance members.

How to teleport to alliance territory

To teleport to an alliance’s territory, you must first be a member of that alliance. You have the option of using alliance teleport or advanced teleport. To locate your alliance territory, zoom out from the map and look for alliance members. Members of the Alliance will be represented by the color blue. When you find them, zoom in on them and look for a clear piece of land on alliance territory. When you find it, simply click on the land where you want to teleport and you will see the teleport option. Simply click on it and confirm that you want to teleport.

How to use Random teleport

Random teleportation in the ant’s underground kingdom is dangerous and, in most cases, not worth it. To random teleport, go to your inventory and select random teleport. Confirm that you want to random teleport and after that, you will be relocated to a random location in your region. This feature is useful if you need to flee the enemy quickly.

Advance teleport

When you need to travel to a location where your alliance does not have territory, advanced teleportation is extremely useful. You can also use advanced teleport to relocate your city to alliance territory, but this is not recommended due to the high cost of advanced teleport. They are expensive and cost 2000 diamonds, which you can spend on other things that will give you a better value. If you need additional diamonds you can get them for free with The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem codes.

Newbie teleport

Newbie teleport will only be available to new players in the ants underground kingdom. They have two chargers and can be used to teleport within alliance territory or to another server. This is a fantastic feature if you need to switch servers quickly at the start. When you reach level 8, you will no longer be able to use newbie teleports.

If you are a new player, you should check the Ants Underground Kingdom tier list to determine which ants are the most powerful. Also, if you didn’t already know, you can play Ants Underground Kingdom on PC.

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