The Ants Underground Kingdom Tokens and Migration Event Requirements

The Ants Underground Kingdom Tokens and Migration Event Requirements

Migration in The Ants Underground Kingdom is a fantastic event in which players can migrate to a different server if they so desire. Typically, players migrate if their kingdoms lose a large number of players or if they want to play with stronger players.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Token Requirements

Anthill LevelToken Requirement

Migration Rules

Based on hill development, all servers are divided into groups. They can only move within their group’s range. So make sure that you find out a server that is inside your group.
Each server has a cap on the number of players who can migrate to it. The limit is 300, and once reached, the server will no longer be able to accept new players.

When you migrate, the progression of events is restarted, and you will receive rewards via mail.

All resources, buildings, evolution, and special events will remain the same after migration. You will not lose anything.

  • Accounts must be bound during the migration process.
  • After reaching Anthill level 15, you can migrate.
  • All marching units have to be empty, without troops, special ants, and insects.
  • If you are a member of an alliance, you cannot migrate until you leave alliance.
  • King will be able to migrate only if he gives King title to other players.
  • The healing pool must be empty, without injured troops.
  • The hill will need to cool down for 28 days after migration before you can migrate again.

How to get Migration Tokens

In the ants’ underground kingdom, there are two ways to obtain migration tokens. The first option is to buy packs containing migration tokens from the game store. Another option is to obtain migration tokens by using contribution points to purchase them in alliance stores. This is the only way to get migration tokens without spending any money. Contribution points can be earned by participating in daily alliance donations and other activities.

Because migration happens once a week, you’ll have plenty of time to save the migration tokens you’ll need. Do not forget to use all The Ants Underground Kingdom redeem codes that will give you a nice amount of diamonds. If you love our guide feel free to check out a guide on how to play Ants Underground Kingdom on PC.

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