How To Unlock Characters in The First Descendant

How To Unlock Characters in The First Descendant

Stepping into “The First Descendant”, you’re immediately presented with a choice. Ajax, Lepic, or Viesa? These initial Descendant characters are your entry point into the game. Each offers distinct skills, paving the way for diverse gameplay experiences.

Steps to Unlocking a Character

Steps to Unlocking a Character

The bustling world of Albion houses a special NPC, Magister Anais. Not only does she introduce you to the intricacies of available Classes and Weapons, but she’s also pivotal for those aiming to expand their roster of Descendants. By interacting with Anais, players uncover a list of available characters, setting the stage for more advanced gameplay.

Delving deeper, unlocking additional Descendants isn’t just about collecting Gold. It’s a multifaceted process. Typically, a player would need around 300,000 Gold, but those who dive into the game during the Open Beta period will find the cost slashed to 100,000 Gold.

Next comes the materials. Four stand out: Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, Spiral Catalyst, and Code. Wondering where to procure them? The Research menu’s Acquisition Info window is your guide, pointing you to quests that yield these materials.

A notable example is the Spiral Catalyst, crucial for Ajax. To craft this, players must gather specific materials: Monad Shard, Semiconstant Plasma, Optical Catalyst, and the Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint.

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Yet, the true game-changer is the Descendant’s Core. Unlike other materials, this isn’t bought with Gold. Players will need Credits – a rarer currency in the game. Head over to the Descendant Material Shop, accessible via Anais, to get this exclusive item.

Acquiring Materials for Character Unlocking

First Descendant Tips and Additional Information

Efficiency is the name of the game when unlocking characters. By narrowing down your focus to a singular character, the unlocking trajectory becomes streamlined. For those eager to bypass the waiting times (which can stretch up to 12 hours), the game offers a boost research cost. However, leveraging this requires a slight dent in your in-game credits.

Beginning your journey with a newly unlocked character is akin to starting afresh, as they enter the game at level one. Leveling them up demands commitment and, occasionally, a bit of the game’s notorious grind.

Lastly, while navigating the game, don’t overlook the mailbox feature. Often, it’s brimming with rewards, including credits, all of which can be leveraged to unlock characters. Engaging with in-game characters, like Anais, further expands your character and item crafting possibilities.

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