The Walking Dead Survivors Animals Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Animals Guide

Animals are available in The Walking Dead Survivors and can be unlocked and leveled up as the player progresses through the game. Animals are of the utmost significance because they provide a wide range of benefits, which, when combined, will speed up your progression and increase your strength.

There are three different kinds of animals to be found in The Walking Dead Survivors:

  • Dogs: They are used for combat and they will increase your army’s capacity
  • Cattle: They are used for supporting and they will increase your troop load capacity
  • Sheep: They are used for development and they will increase resource production.

You will need to construct animal housing in order to gain access to the animals in the game. You will need to have a level 20 Town Hall in order to accomplish that. If you want sheep, you’ll need a sheepfold, and if you want cattle, you’ll need a cattle barn. However, if you want dogs, you’ll need a dog kennel. You will need to improve the animal buildings in order to provide more space for the animals. You will be able to store a greater number of animals as each upgrade is completed.

Leveling animals

Leveling animals The Walking Dead Survivors

There is a leveling system for each animal in The Walking Dead Survivors. They will become more powerful with each level that is added to them as you level up your animals. You will need Animal experience, which can be obtained from a variety of different sources, in order to level up your animals in The Walking Dead Survivors. Keep in mind that each animal has its own type of experience.

The best place to get an animal experience is from Animal Scenarios that are available each day. You will acquire animal experience and other animal-related items, both of which will contribute to an increase in the animal’s strength. Therefore, if you want to level up your animals as quickly as possible, you should make sure that you complete animal scenarios on a daily basis.

There is one more place where you can get animal experience and other animal items and that is the Animal shop. Problem with animal shops is that you will need Rubies to purchase something and Rubies are hard to get. Therefore, you should only spend rubies on animal shops if it is absolutely necessary to do so. If you need additional resources for leveling animals you can use redeem codes.

How to get animals in The Walking Dead Survivors?

How to get animals in The Walking Dead Survivors

You can acquire animals in The Walking Dead Survivors by completing animal scenarios or by paying 600 rubies to purchase them from animal shops. Both of these options are available to you. Once you obtain an animal you can swap, exchange and train them. If you decide to trade in one of your animals, you will receive one new animal in return.

However, if you trade in two of your animals, you will receive an animal that has a greater total number of skills. Once you have obtained the animals that you require and that you intend to use, you can begin teaching them new skills and leveling them up. In order to train animals, you will need an item known as a Skill Book, which you can acquire from an animal scenario or buy in a shop that specializes in animals.

It is recommended that you begin with dogs due to the exceptional quality of their skills when it comes to PVP. Your defense, attack, health, attack speed, capacity, and a whole host of other stats will all improve thanks to the addition of a dog in The Walking Dead Survivors. Therefore, it is imperative that you acquire a dog as soon as possible and immediately improve its skills.

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