The Walking Dead Survivors Best Survivors Tier List 2024

The Walking Dead Survivors Best Survivors Tier List

The Walking Dead Survivors Tier List is an excellent tool for selecting the best possible survivor in the game. It is critical to understand who the best survivors are in the game because they will assist you in dominating other players, significantly increasing your progression and assisting you in becoming a better player.

There are many different and unique survivors to choose from in The Walking Dead Survivors. They are all unique and have different sets of skills. There are now two types of survivors: combat survivors and development survivors. We will rank combatant survivors higher in this The Walking Dead Survivors because they are more important. Now, not all combatant survivors are good; there will always be survivors who outperform others. It is critical to understand who they are so that you can invest in them and get the most bang for your buck.

This list focuses on the end game and ranks all Combatant survivors in order of importance. If you are a new player, you can use this tier list to determine which survivors you will need to focus on when you get to the end game.

The Walking Dead Survivors Tier List

NameTier Rating
Ezekiel S+
Militia RickA
Errant ShaneC

About The Walking Dead Survivors Tier List

We used a high-end account where all survivors are tested in the best possible condition to get the most accurate rating in The Walking Dead Survivors. Some factors we couldn’t control, such as chance, probability, buffs, debuffs, and luck, had a minor impact on tier ratings.

It is common knowledge that every tier list, including The Walking Dead Survivors, is debatable, and this list is no exception. Rather, it is an exception to the rule. It is important to remember that The Walking Dead Survivors’ primary function is to provide insight into the best survivors in the game, but that the meta and the power of each troop can change with each update.

It is in your best interest to put each troop through a thorough test on your own to determine which ones are best suited to you, the game’s circumstances, and your advancement. Also, talk to your clan members to get their thoughts, and always keep an eye out for battle reports because they are a great way to see how well a survivor is doing.

Keep an eye on what the other players are up to. For the end make sure that you redeem all The Walking Dead Survivors redeem codes that can give you a lot of free items including Survivors.

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