The Walking Dead Survivors Bread Guide – How to Get Bread

The Walking Dead Survivors Bread Guide

Bread, a consumable item in The Walking Dead Survivors, is essentially stamina. Bread/stamina is an item that you will use all the time for completing various tasks like fighting and attacking. Because you will constantly need stamina/bread, it is essential to know how to obtain it in order to advance more quickly.

How to get bread/stamina in The Walking Dead Survivors

Bread Recovery

Recovery time is a feature of the game that passively grants bread. This is fantastic because you will receive bread without having to spend any money on the game. You will receive one piece of bread every ten minutes, and you can hold a total of 100 pieces of bread. In order to speed up the bread’s recovery, you can research Patch up in the march queue section.

Keep in mind that you don’t want your recovery bar to fill up with bread. Once it is full, recovery will cease until it is spent. This is quite unfortunate, especially if you are a new player who needs every single piece of bread to advance more quickly. Ensure that you consistently spend your bread.

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There are numerous events in The Walking Dead Survivors where you can get bread. Events are great in The Walking Dead Survivors not only because you can get a lot of bread/stamina but you will get other rewards that will drastically speed up your progression. Ensure that you actively check events and complete each one. Some smaller events may not provide a great deal of bread, but over time you will accumulate a substantial amount. Additionally, you will receive bread in the form of an item, so you will not have to consume it immediately. You can save bread and use it when you really need it.

In-game Bundles

In The Walking Dead Survivors, one of the ways to obtain bread is by purchasing bundles. Now, in our opinion, it is not worth the expense to purchase special bread bundles because the value is not that great and there are numerous events and in-game activities that grant bread. Bread should only be purchased from in-game shops when absolutely necessary.

Also, there is a chance that you can get bread from redeem codes so use them as soon it possible because they are limited. Also, check out our The Walking Dead Survivors tier list so you can know who are the best heroes.

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