The Walking Dead Survivors Clan Guide and Clan Ranks

The Walking Dead Survivors Clan Guide and Clan Ranks

The Walking Dead Survivors Clan is a feature that adds fun and complexity to the game. When you join a clan, you’ll gain access to numerous benefits and new mechanisms. One of the most important reasons why you should join a clan as soon as possible in The Walking Dead Survivors is that you will be able to advance much faster than without a clan.

This is because you will receive a large number of buffs that will increase your production, research building, and the number of free rewards that you will receive with a clan. Joining an active clan full of spenders is the most important thing to do, as each time a member purchases a bundle from an in-game shop, the entire alliance will receive an additional chest that can be opened.

Those chests may contain valuable items, such as rubies, that will greatly help your progression. If you need more free items, use The Walking Dead Survivors redeem codes. Before using free items, make sure to check out The Walking Dead Survivors tier list so you know which survivor to invest in.

Benefits of joining clan

Benefits of joining clan in The Walking Dead Survivors

You will fight enemies together, drastically increasing your chances of victory. Clan members can reduce the time required to build and heal troops by using the clan base’s help option. Clan members can send you resources, and your production will increase based on the size and composition of the clan.

In addition, there is a clan shop where you can purchase exceptional items. Additionally, many events require alliance membership in order to obtain rewards.

How to join the Clan in The Walking Dead Survivors?

In The Walking Dead Survivors, joining a clan is relatively simple and straightforward. You will find the clan button in the bottom right corner of your screen. When you click it, you’ll see a list of all available clans on your server, sorted by their strength. After deciding which clan you wish to join, you must submit an application and wait for approval.

Clan Store and Clan Points

Clan Store and Clan Points The Walking Dead Survivors

There are stores in your Clan where you can purchase various types of items. For clan officers to add these items to the store, they must spend clan points. Clan points in The Walking Dead Survivors can be obtained by doing various tasks and they are all focused on developing your clan. The great thing about clan points is that there is no daily limit on how many you can earn. So that your Clan can accumulate insane amounts of points.

Tasks that you can do to get clan points are:

  • Donate resources to alliance research
  • Help with building can buildings
  • Use the Help button to help your clan members construct buildings and reduce the healing time of troops.
  • Participate in events that offer alliance points as rewards.

Solo points

Solo points The Walking Dead Survivors

In The Walking Dead Survivors, solo points are used to purchase items from clan shops. There are numerous unique items that can be purchased with solo points, but acquiring them is difficult. The reason for this is that you can only earn 20,000 solo points per day. So make sure that you do not waste them on bad items that will give you no value like resource boosts.

You can earn solo points by completing simple tasks such as donating to calm technology, assisting in the construction of clan buildings, and healing alliance members’ troops.

Clan Ranks

There are five distinct ranks of members within the Clan. The majority of clan management and options are accessible to R4 officers and R5 clan leaders. Now, in order to become a clan leader, you must either create a clan or have the current leader transfer leadership to you. If you want to become an R4 officer, you must be a skilled and valuable member of your clan. After that, clan leaders will determine if you are qualified to serve as a clan officer. Remember that there are a limited number of clan officers.

Creating Clan

Creating a clan is relatively straightforward. The only requirement to create a clan is 100 rubies. If you are already a member of a clan, you must leave it in order to create a new one. The issue with creating a clan in The Walking Dead Survivors is that if the game is free-to-play, the majority of players will not join, and your clan will be destroyed by a rival clan that is pay to win. Also, it can be time-consuming to lead a successful clan so if you are tight with your time it is best to join an already existing clan.

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