The Walking Dead Survivors Duel Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Duel Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Duel is an arena-based PVP mode in the game in which players engage in 1v1 combat. If you win the fight in duels you will get some great rewards. To participate in duels, you must have a level 12 Town Hall and three different troop formations. This means that you must have researched a technology called Formation 3.

When you enter the Arena, you will be required to set up your defensive and offensive formations before you can challenge other players in the same league. If you win a battle against a higher-ranked player, you will get a higher score and if you lose you will lose points.

League lower than Advanced only has players from the same region as you. In leagues that are Advanced or higher, players from all regions will participate. You can only start region combat if your region has more than 30 players that have reached the advanced rank.

Remember that you will not suffer any troop losses during a duel. Therefore, ensure that you do it daily to earn all the benefits.

Best Duel Formation

When entering Arena, you will be able to set offensive and defensive formations. Now, what survivors and troops you will use depends on your current in-game progression and what you have.

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It is hard for us to tell you what to use without knowing what troops and survivors you have. It is best to use the best survivors that you have and troops. If you do not know who they are you can check out The walking dead survivor’s tier list but you can also see what other players are using.


The Walking Dead Survivors Duel rewards

In The walking dead survivor’s duels, there are two possible types of rewards. Each time you duel someone you will get smaller rewards. Keep in mind that you are able to duel 8 times each day for free and you can get tickets that will additionally increase the number of duels that you can do.

The second reward is at the end of the week. It will be distributed according to the leaderboard position. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the better your rewards will be. Just make sure that you are dueling each day and try to push your ranking as much as you can. Check out The walking dead survivor codes, which may contain tickets for duels.

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