The Walking Dead Survivor Elite Points Guide TWD

The Walking Dead Survivor Elite Points Guide

The walking dead survivors Elite points is a system that most mobile games have. In most games, it is referred to as VIP, but in The Walking Dead, it is referred to as Elite. Elite Points are incredibly important because they provide you with a vast number of advantages and free items like bread, resources, speedups, survivors.

The walking dead survivor’s Elite points can be obtained through a variety of methods, including in-game bundles, spending rubies, daily login, events, etc. When you reach higher levels of Elite, you will require an absurd number of elite points in order to level up. To achieve higher and maximum levels of elite, you must spend money on elite points.

Elite Levels Requirements.xlsx

Elite LevelRangePoints Needed
10 - 100100
2100 - 400300
3400 - 800400
4800 - 6,0005200
56,000 - 15,0009000
615,000 - 30,00015000
730,000 - 60,00030000
860,000 - 105,00045000
9105,000 - 180,00075000
10180,000 - 300,000120000
11300,000 - 450,000150000
12450,000 - 750,000300000
13750,000 - 1,200,000450000
141,200,000 - 1,800,000600000
151,800,000 - 2,550,000750000
162,550,000 - 3,450,000900000
173,450,000 - 5,000,0001550000
185,000,000 - 7,500,0002500000
197,500,000 - 15,000,0007500000
2015,000,000 - 24,000,0009000000

This table indicates the number of Elite points required to level up Elites in The Walking Dead Survivors. You’ll notice that the final few Elite levels require an absurd number of elite points to level up. Just play the game and make sure that you invest some rubies in Elite.

How to get Elite Points

How to get Elite Points The Walking Dead Survivors

There are multiple ways to earn elite points in The Walking Dead Survivors, but they can be divided between free-to-play and pay-to-win methods.

In-game activities are the primary means of acquiring elite points. Logging in daily is one of the most straightforward ways to earn elite points. You will have the opportunity to earn free elite points daily. The amount of elite points you will receive for logging in daily is not particularly high, but over time you will be able to accumulate a substantial amount.

There are many additional free-to-play ways to obtain elite points, including events and in-game tasks. Ensure that you finish each and every task and event that rewards elite points. In addition, when you complete tasks, you have a chance to obtain Rubies, which can be exchanged for elite points.

If you have excess rubies that you do not need, you can purchase elite points with them. Before you do this make sure that you do not need them.

Purchasing bundles with real money is currently the most efficient way to earn elite points. This will grant you a ridiculous number of elite points and rubies that can be converted into elite points. This is also the only way to reach the maximum level of the elite. The issue with this is that it creates a divide between players who are pay-to-win and free-to-play players. Hopeful game developers will add more ways for free-to-play players to obtain elite points. Also do not forget to redeem all The Walking Dead Survivors redeem codes that will give you rubies that you can invest in elite points.

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