The Walking Dead Survivors Kill Event Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Kill Event Guide

One of the most entertaining but risky events in The Walking Dead Survivors is the Kill Event. In Kill Event you will destroy enemy troops in order to achieve points to get better rewards. It’s crucial to know how to defend yourself because one of the problems with Kill Event is that many low-power players will be targeted and destroyed by bigger players. Furthermore, learning how to increase your kill event points is essential if you want to receive all the fantastic rewards.

How to protect your troops during Kill Event

Most players in the walking dead survivors will attack players who have tier 7 troops during the kill event. The reason is that they will give the most points and you will not lose many troops while doing it. Be very cautious if you are a tier 7 player.

Sending your troops to clan outposts that the enemy cannot access is the first thing you can do to defend yourself during a kill event.

 You can also send your troops to gather resources on clan territory. The reason behind this is that your troops will get a shield while farming on alliance territory. However, you must exercise caution because the enemy will be able to attack you once the shield drops.

The best form of defense is to invest resources in shields and use them throughout the kill event. This is best especially if you are a smaller player who can be easily destroyed.

How to get more Kill Event Points in The Walking Dead Survivors

How to get more Kill Event Points in The Walking Dead Survivors

In The Walking Dead Survivors, there are a few different ways to increase your Kill Event points. The first thing that you can do is to attack lower power bases. Although you will lose some soldiers, you will gain a substantial number of points. Just make sure that that player quite the game.

Trade points with your friends. You can trade kill points with your friends by attacking each other. This can be quite expensive but it is a great method if you need a few more points to take first place.

Attack your farm account- If you have a farm account in The Walking Dead Survivors you can attack it. This also can be quite expensive in terms of resources. It would be easier for you to do this if you play farm and main account at the same time. This is possible if you download The Walking Dead Survivors on PC.

Attacking farmers is unquestionably the most effective way to score points in a kill event. Unusually, you will be able to easily destroy farming units and you won’t lose a lot of soldiers. Just make sure that your server allows this and that you are using best survivors in the game.

If you are a new player it is best to stay away from kill event because there is no chance that you can compete against old players and players who are spending money in the game.

Additionally, if you play free to play and want to win a kill event, you will need to hold off on using all of your resources and speedups for a few months before aiming for the top spot. Even then, beating players who are pay to win will be challenging. When you are participating in a Kill Event, always make sure that your hospital is empty and that you have enough resources to heal them. If you need extra resources make sure to use all The Walking Dead Survivors codes.

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