The Walking Dead Survivors Mystery Quiz Answers

The Walking Dead Survivors Mystery Quiz Answers

In The Walking Dead Survivors, there is a mini-event called Mystery Quest, and if you give the right answers to a series of questions, you will be rewarded with various items, such as bullets. The Walking Dead Survivors Mystery Quiz contains a wide variety of questions, all of which are based on the actual gameplay of the game.

If you are a new player, there is a good chance that you do not know all of the answers to the questions that will be asked. This is one of the reasons why we decided to compile this list: to ensure that you are able to correctly answer any Mystery Quiz questions and thereby earn some seriously sweet rewards.

If there are any questions that you believe we have missed, please leave them in the comments section below, and we will add them to the list as soon as it is possible. When you complete Mystery Quiz make sure that you check out The Walking Dead Survivors tier list so you can know who are the best Survivors in the game.

Survivors Mystery Quiz Answers

A survivor can lead? all of the above (front, middle, rear crew)
At which elite level can you obtain survivor Ezekiel?12
Chemistry: which is correct? chemistry buff only works within the same formation.
hat's the reward for binding your account for the first time? 100 rubies.
How can one find michonne fragments?from the elite shop
How can you increase the max number of scavenging sites you can have? upgrade the scavenge center.
how many clan announcements can coexist at most in one clan?5
How many clan announcements can coexist at most in one clan?5
How many difficult levels does the whisperers event have?5
How many fighters can a lv 100 Ezekiel lead in his crews?6052
How many formations can be in your team in the duels?3
How many fragments does it take to upgrade a survivor from star level 1 to level 2?100
How many free long range transmissions can you make per day? 1
how many green equipment pieces do you need to forge 1 epic equipment?25
How many groups of the whisperers does one difficult level have?20
How many rubies do you get when you first join a clan?300
How many titles can the region chief give?14
How much stamina does it cost a formation to go to construct clan building? 0
In which event can you win eugene fragment?Eugene and the abandoned
Increasing your clan prosperity is a requirement for? all of the above
Maggie's skills are aimed at the production of? veggies
Restricted zone: which is not correct? everyone on the battlefield can sign up
Rick is not member of? The Whisperers
To train T7 cavalry, your stable must be?lv 19
Unbelievable: you found bug. what's the best thing to do? contact customer support, so it can
What building do you need for equipment? the forge
What can you get by helping members of your clan? clan points.
What is legendary survivor morgan holding in his hand when you first get him?shovel
What is required to train T5 melee fighters? lv 13 fire station.
What is true about survivors who perform best in the middle crew? all of the above
What is true about survivors who Perform best in the rear crew?all of the above
What skill can Rosita trigger in settlement siege?Roadblock.
What was beta's occupation before the outbreak?rugby player
What was rick's profession before the outbreak?sheriff deputy.
What's a requirement to train T10 Fighters?A certain Technology.
What's category of fighters in the game? all of the above
What's Ezekiel's global effect when he's 5 stars?all fighters attack +20%.
What's the duration of a survivor pass? 28 days
What's the fighters max tier level?T10
what's the max level of a town hall?25
What's the max level of an uncommon survivors?50
What's the name of the "Season 1" ?All out War.
What's the quickest way to increase your power? Upgrade your fighters tier
Where can you change the way your chat bubble looks?in the chat function
Where can you change the way your chat bubble looks?in the chat function
Where can you get Negan Fragments? in the clan store.
Which cannot increase the protected number of resources? farm
which does NOT increase your clan prosperity? killing other players fighters
Which is a skill of survivor Abraham? warpath
Which is not a skill of survivor Dwight ?last gasp
Which is true?A building in your town? can be moved when not under construction.
Which of these titles can the region chief not give? strongest survivor.
which survivor (fully upgraded) can carry the most fighters in the crew? Ezekiel
which survivor can increase the crew's attack speed? Ezekiel
Which survivor fully upgraded can carry the most number of crews? Ezekiel
Which survivor has a skill that can prevent the enemy from triggering a skill? Rosita
Which survivor has a skill that can restrict the enemies normal attacks? Dwight
Which survivor has the highest power? Ezekiel
Which Survivor is best in the front row?Beta
Who are in the chemistry group love triangle? Rosita Abraham Holly
Who are in the chemistry group Prison Recon?Militia, Rick, Glenn, Michonne
Who are in the chemistry group the whisperers? Beta, Alpha, Lydia.
Who is melee fighter in settlement siege? beta
who is NOT a member of The Saviors?Rick
Who is NOT a member of The Saviors? Rick
Who killed alpha? Negan
Who knocked out rick just before he met morgan? Diane

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