The Walking Dead Survivors Relocation Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Relocation Guide

Relocation of the base in The Walking Dead Survivors is the ability to move your base at any part of the map. It is an important feature to know how to use and how to obtain items that allow you to relocate. In The Walking Dead Survivors, there are three different categories of relocation items, each of which is distinct.

How to use relocation items in The Walking Dead Survivors

First, you must have a relocation item in your inventory. Once you have it, simply click the relocation item in your inventory. When you click on it you will be able to choose where you want to relocate your city. The fastest way to move your base is to click on the desired location on the map, at which point the relocation button will appear. This is fantastic because the game system will decide what kind of relocation item you require automatically.

Additionally, bear in mind that there are some limitations when teleporting. You cannot move over structures, soldiers, NPCs, or other objects. The area where you are going to relocate must be empty. A built-in system in the game will let you know if you can move your base there. There is a high chance that you will get relocation items with The Walking Dead Survivors codes so make sure that you use them all.

Random relocation

Random relocation

In order to use random relocation, you will have to navigate to your inventory and click on it. You will be moved to a random location after using random relocation. This is a good but risky thing to use. There is always a chance that you will be teleported close to an enemy who can easily attack you.

So be extremely careful when you are using random relocation. You can get random relocation items in alliance shops for 100k clan points from a shop for 500 rubies, but it is simply not worth spending anything on this type of relocation item. You will get plenty of them from random events.

Clan Relocation

Clan relocation is a type of relocation item that allows you only to relocate your base on clan territory. Now it is not worth spending anything on them, you will get them from events.

Elite Relocation

You will frequently use the Elite Relocation type of relocation. You can teleport to any location on the map using this elite relocation. This is useful if you need to get close to clan members who are not on alliance territory when you are fighting off enemies. Now they are the most expensive type of relocation item so be careful how you are going to use them. They can be purchased for 2000 rubies or obtained from clan shops for 400k clan points. You will also get them from various types of events.

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