The Walking Dead Survivors Rubies Guide

The Walking Dead Survivors Rubies Guide

In The Walking Dead Survivors, rubies are the most important resources that you can use to recruit survivors, purchase resources, equipment, vehicles, and so on. The problem with rubies is that they are relatively difficult to obtain, so you must know how to obtain them.

How to get Rubies in The Walking Dead Survivors 

Daily Tasks

There are daily tasks to complete in The Walking Dead Survivors. You will receive many rewards from daily tasks, one of which is rubies. When you complete daily tasks, you will receive 800 rubies. What’s even better is that daily tasks are refreshed every day, which means you can get free rubies every day. So make sure that you complete all daily tasks each day.

Clan Box

Clan boxes are an excellent way to obtain a large number of rubies. To obtain a clan box, your clan must collect rubies, which can be obtained by spending money in a game shop. So, if your alliance spends a lot of money in the game shop, this clan box will be charged faster, which means you’ll get free rubies faster. So make sure that you are part of an alliance that spends a lot.

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There will be many events in The Walking Dead Survivors that will include rubies as a reward. Some of the events will be relatively easy to complete, while others will be difficult, but do your best to complete them all. You must complete it not only because you will receive rubies, but also because there are some insanely good rewards.

NPC on the Map

There are numerous NPCs on the map that will reward you with rubies if you destroy them. Simply click on them to see what they’re dropping. Now, the likelihood of obtaining rubies from NPS on the map is relatively low, so don’t be surprised if you don’t.

In-game Shop 

In-game Shop rubies in The Walking Dead Survivors

In-game Shop  Now, we believe it is not worth it, but it is entirely up to you how you spend your money. It is best to buy bundles that include rubies and other items.

Redeem Codes

There are The Walking Dead Survivors redeem codes that developers are creating each week. Any player is able to redeem them and they can contain a lot of free items and most importantly they can contain rubies.

How to Spend Rubies in The Walking Dead Survivors 

How to Spend Rubies in The Walking Dead Survivors 

There are numerous places where you can spend your rubies, but not all of them will provide you with the best value. What you do with your rubies also depends on whether you are a pay-to-win or free-to-play player. However, increasing your elite level is the best way to spend your rubies in order to receive additional rewards every day.

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A great place to spend your rubies is also Wheel of Fortune, where you can get some fantastic items and the best survivors in the game. Now, the rest is up to you; just don’t waste your rubies on stupid things like resources and speedups, especially if you’re a free-to-play player. It simply isn’t worth it.

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