The Walking Dead Survivors Town Hall Requirements

The Walking Dead Survivors Town Hall Requirements

The Town Hall in The Walking Dead Survivors is, to say the least, the most significant structure in the game. You will be unable to upgrade any other structures in your city if you do not upgrade this structure, so you must do so immediately. For example, if the level of your Town Hall is 20, the maximum level of your other buildings is also 20. When you upgrade your Town Hall in The Walking Dead: Survivors, you will receive a wide range of benefits like buffs and bigger base layout.

In The Walking Dead Survivors, upgrading Town Hall is an extremely expensive and time-consuming task. Due to the importance of city hall, it is advisable to commit all available resources and speedups to it. When you are about to construct the Town Hall, it is crucial that you utilize every item that reduces construction time.

Town Hall Requirements

2Townhall LVL1
3Wall LVL 2
4Wall LVL 3
5Wall LVL 4
6Wall LVL 5
Fire Station LVL 4
7Wall LVL 6
Veggie Barn LVL 3
8Wall LVL 7
Hospital LVL 5
9Wall LVL
Lumber Storage LVL 6
10Wall LVL 9
Water Tower LVL 7
11Wall LVL 10
Gun Shop LVL 10
12Wall LVL 11
Hospital LVL 11
Butcher Shop LVL 11
13Wall LVL 12
Square LVL 12
House LVL 12
14Wall LVL 13
Lookout Tower LVL 13
Police Station LVL 13
15Wall LVL 14
Square LVL 14
Hospital LVL 14
16Wall LVL 15
Square LVL 15
Scavenge Centre LVL 15
17Wall LVL 16
Square LVL 16
Stable LVL 16
18Wall LVL 17
Square LVL 17
Bar LVL 17
19Wall LVL 18
Square LVL 18
Broadcast Station LVL 18
20Wall LVL 19
Square LVL 19
Hospital LVL 19
21Wall LVL 20
Square LVL 20
Fire Station LVL 20
22Wall LVL 21
Square LVL 21
Police Station LVL 21
23Wall LVL 22
Square LVL 22
Stable LVL 22
24Wall LVL 23
Square LVL 23
Hospital LVL 23
25Wall LVL 24
Square LVL 24
Broadcast Station LVL 24

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